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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Attending Social University

Attending Social University

The clock is ticking fast,and after tomorrow,i will be working at that company for a month exactly.I made up my mind to attend working was because of wanting to utilize the precious time and gain some working experience plus $.

Huh..I was like attending to a social university in which I had seen different kind of people,different ways to solve problems,different opinions,different ways to scold people and etc.Seriosly,I didn't really feel happy to work there because of the environment and those people who wore a mask on their face.But the benefits to be working there include learning something relates to sales and marketing prosedures (sales order,delivery order,invoice,cash sales,quotation and credit note) and recognized new friends and nice colleagues.After all,the life to work there could be concluded as stressful and suffering.

Everyday,i work till very late and I 'm sure that it's later than 5.15pm although I didn't go for lunch outside! ISH!!The work loads are burdening me as one of my colleague will resign on next Thurs. so I'm responsible for her work too!Haiz..Apart from that,I detest a male colleague who used my hp without asking permission and he even read my msgs.Its so immoral and he didn't even apologize after i knew about his act.Huh..sometimes I couldn't understand why he loves bullying me and xin yi.ARGH!!!And I hate the nickname he created! ISH!!!

Hmm..it's inevitable for us to do wrong but we need to understand the semantics of it and correct it as the quote went,"an error does not becomes a mistake until you refuse to correct it".Yet, in the department, the assistant manager will be purple with rage once me and others did wrong( even though its the 1st time).Haiz.. we got scolded and there's sure to have meeting to be held.

Recently,the sales department seemed to be blacklisted as having lousy working perfomances which had made our Sales director frustrated.First,the d/o and invoice of both inter branch companies need to be type "remarks" other than "others". Secondly,the credit note and goods returned note weren't counted properly (my own fault).Thirdly,sales department and warehouse were been said not to care on the exact reasons of customers who returned goods as we always said "Not Suitable".( HUh..the customers refuse to tell us even we called to ask la!!!)Forthly,the store keeper had made excuses that we just put the orders in his tray but not handed those to him by ourselves,and the director agreed with him.ISH..Then what's the tray which was said for us to put orders in for?

Today,Catherine suddenly called to ask what kiki told me yesterday as she's absent today.It was a normal reaction to ask back who is her on the call as she only keep speaking.Eventually, I was told by my colleagues that she complained that I was very rude to her.OMG! just to ask who is her only but I don't think my tone was unfriendly and fierce. 2ndly,we were being ordered by kiki to write sales orders by using autocount's new codes ,but not to start using autocount.Huh..and what the sales department got today were the bolded statement " DID NOT FOLLOW ORDERS".. I was wondering that sales department should listen to sales department's manager/ assist. manager or the account department's head.ISH!!!I very hate such working environment in which Account Department's manager and a pengampu always made small issue to become more complex and bigger and at last sure our department or warehouse been scolded.

Huh..each departments weren't coorperate at all,and it will only jeopardize the working performance and business.But such company's politic seem to be a norm for them.Huh!In front of others,they will be seemed as good friends in others' eyes.

I’m sick of your deceit.
I'm hating such job surroundings and those people!
I'm tired of being so stressful to work there.
I'm getting some barely hopes to work till next month..shall I resign asap?!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy April Fool?and the next day= HAPPY APRIL FOOL 2

Happy April Fool?and the next day= HAPPY APRIL FOOL 2

1st of April- The sales department which I worked in had been reported a good news which was 2 new colleagues will come after Mdm. Lee resigned.My new colleagues are named Shin Guan and Mdm.Su. Hmm..last time was only me,shin yee and kiki(The assistant manager) responsible in handling Unit C,D(outstations) & E(hotels) orders,invoices and etc. Now Mdm. Su was been hired to help us to handle the same job too.We felt excited when heard it.

But..here comes the 1st shocking senario when Human Resourses Manager( Ms. Kong) introduced them to us in the serene morning.Mdm. Su was just shocked to see the young managers and so were me,shin yee and Sam < sales coordinator >.She was even shocked when being told that she did not have her own seat and here goes her 1st question" why the company still wants to hire people when there's not enough tables for us?"..Sam was frustrated with this impolite lady who took away his chair without asking his permission.After all,Kiki explained to her about what's the work,while Sam taught Shin Guan.Hmm..we thought that Mdm. Su was an experienced lady as she knew what was sales order,delivery order & invoice. After the explanation, I taught her how to write the daily sales reports and daily sales collection.Okay,I did understand that the steps were quite complicated as need to seperate the invoices and orders as reports to 2 different people.So I explained and repeated the steps when she kept complaining she can't remembered.Hmm..she finally decided to note down in a piece of paper after Kiki asking her to.Huh..she spent more than 2 hours to do such simply thing.OWH...

Within that period,shin yee and I had busied teaching her how to write sales orders and explained which customers belonged to which Unit.Shin Yee had been wasted much of her time to teach her to do quotation and she failed to do the 2nd one by her own.She even complained to Kiki that shin yee didn't teach her but just typed blindly.Eventually she got scolded by Kiki as we heard how shin yee had explained.Huh..I could said that she really need to be beaten!!!She kept going to toilet,kept complaining,kept giving suggestions like :

a)" Why Hotels don't belong to Unit H," H " can be the initial la..
b)" Why daily sales collection need to use pencil to write the amount of RM10,RM50..Later people will rub it la",
c)"why the codes like that?why don't use...",
d)" eh..why are you so fair? by the way, last time i was same as you oooo...",
e)" why she so young can take such post? and why you worked for 7 days but can remember this?"
f)"eh..can ask the company to do like this or not? it makes me feel complicated la!"

ARGH!!!why can't she saved her time to concentrate on what she should!Haiz...we'd really can't stand her.About 3pm,the outstations transport came to deliver stocks.Kiki asked us to go along to check together.She was so daring to ask the assist. manager to wait for her to go to washroom first.Well,she seemed to be going to washroom for NN times already!!Okay,obviously she had forgotten many stuffs that we asked her to do: ask the driver to sign on the book,write transport note and etc.Her complaints was "why we need to come out and walk till so far to do this?" Huh..that was our part of job,Mdm. Su!

The hotels' orders on the next day that supposed to be done before 5pm sharp,and she started to do it at 5pm.OMG!My heart was sinked to the bottom when she apologized that she can't learn how to type and key-in so the jobs were left for me and shin yee to complete.T_T 9 orders not yet been completed!Huh...the April Fool Day was ended with I rushed doing the rest of the job and went home at 6.40pm.

Her presence was like fooling us!She didn't help at all.


2ND OF APRIL~ Another bad day!

I had listen to my parents' advice to have more patience.Maybe her mind can't accept so much stuffs as she's older than me. Okay,it sounded reasonable.Today,my job was teaching her to do daily sales record,type sales order,delivery order and invoice;type price list and back up files(the last step before going back home).

Before my teaching job,she had to do the daily sales reports and daily sales collection.All of us were staring at each when she claimed that she had forgotten how to do at all.OMG!!!Ok,we repeated and taught again.AND SHE STILL DID IT WRONG!!!
(supposed to write her own name, she thought that write the company's name is far more better) haiz..I really wondered why her mind was so weird.

At noon,we finally can teach her to write sales order which was supposed to hand it to Delivery Manager asap.She was still dilly-dally,making me and Kiki almost wanna vomit blood.At 4pm,she started to type delivery order and invoice.Shin Yee and I felt relief as we may go home earlier.Unfortunately,she used more than 10 mins to key in Grn.No,Customer No.,and date!The items were not yet keyed in! Sighed!
I had to helped her to print letter and so on even we had reminded her which customers need us to print letter!!!I WANNA BEAT HER TO RELEASE MY ANGER ALREADY!

Daily sales record- undone, i did it finally again
Price List- undone, she did it for 1 hour for 5 items, to be continued
Back up files- not yet teach her.. She failed to complete daily sales reports

6.15pm..My work ended and I went home,leaving her there to do her daily sales reports(which can be done within 30mins)..She had been doing it for the whole day~