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Friday, June 25, 2010

Modernism and true Love

(The Silver Chamber of Sorrows)


Recently, I am watching these 2 dramas where the theme of the both dramas are love, family and authority. 'The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows" , a Hong Kong's drama which was about the traditional-domestic family that the dichotomy of men and women's roles and authority in the family. In the past, women were oppressed,disrespected and their main roles were to entertain or serve their husband. In the movie, the master of gold-making business( Paul Chun) had 4 wives, being abusive and threaten his wives if they disobey his orders. Furthermore, arranged marriages were inevitable where women's freedom and rights were neglected while the priority is given on the privileges of the marriage to the business/family.
What if one day you realized that you've fallen in love with someone you thought you wouldn't.... and certainly shouldn't? (quoted from Pou Leen Low)
In the drama," The Silver Chamber of Sorrows", the eldest daughter of the master had fallen in love with a servant and she was locked in the room with her hair being cut unevenly.Hmm.. it sounded so unfair! Women in traditional family were passive, soft ,dare not fight for their rights (or they even don't have such authority to say a NO)and receptive even treated like slaves, concubines and prostitutes.Huh!!!

Modernism in this day and age has been decreased the discrimination of women as they are treated fairly and entitled to job and educational oppotunities.

I wondered if woman can have few husbands in future..Haha..Man nowadays still can marry with few wives with the permission of the 1st wife.Hmm..why?Is woman labelled as prostitutes? Why can't a man be loyal to his wife as they have undergone so many precious moments and only able to be together. Hmph~~~I strongly detest the selfishness,intrigue, manipulation and disloyalty of man!!!

The latter is a Korean drama which is also known as ' Love You for 10 Million Times' which emphasizes true love would be fruitful. I am impressed with the true love between the two main characters of the drama(郑糠云& 李水京饰). The character of 李善英(高恩美饰)is kinda amazing due to her tolerance to accept the unreasonable requests/scoldings from her hubby's mom and willing to forgive her hubby to have a woman outside during a period. Ouch..for me, I can't accept my own husband to be with another woman outside!I hate betrayal and disloyalty!hmm..
Hmm..any guy can accept his gf that has become a surrogate mother in the past?Or...anyone can really ignore the past of your lover?

Monday, June 21, 2010

De Pastry Chef

Venue: De Pastry Chef, Menjalara
Time: 12-3pm
Event: Buffet Lunch( costed RM12/person) and Chit-chat session
Attendees : Yves Sua, Yan Yan, Sean, Bennie Tay Han Hau, Wai Min, Pei Xuan, Jin Giap, Siew Lian, Wei Ching and I

This will be a short post about cake delicacies!

cakes de pastry chef

cakes de pastry chef

cakes de pastry chef

cakes de pastry chef

cakes de pastry chef

cakes de pastry chef

cakes de pastry chef

cakes de pastry chef

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The batterfield of life

The general life cycle of everyone starts from fetus,toddler, kid/child, teenager, adult,senior citizen and death~The above picture had illustrated how's our life cycle would be, and what we do during the life cycle.

Yesterday, something bad had happened which made me realizing the importance to love and appreciate our ownselves as well as the one you loved i.e. family, friends, and the only one.There are so many cases like fetus died in the womb,unwanted accidents,health diseases which may cause death and etc.

How many people can undergo the whole life cycle then kick the bucket when eventually old? How many people fail to open their eyes after a long sleep?
How many people could predict how long he/she would be living?
How many people can know what will be happened in the next seconds after present!?

The quote goes,"Life is not measured by the number of breath we take, but the moments that take our breaths away."
The young woman's death had made me realized how short is our lives used to be, and how often we keep looking backwards and grieve over the past for which it's gone. Hmm..I used to be troubled about the future, how's my future life would become; for which it's not yet come. ( I love planning about my life though). It's more realistic if we appreciate our present lives and put our hearts,soul and efforts to make it worth remembering!


I LOVE My Family,
Especially Dad And Mom,
Of Course The Darling Sisters And The Rebellious Brother,

And For The Very Reason,

It 's Because We Are A Family Which Cannot Destroy Kindred,

Our Chains Stretch A Little Sometimes, But They Never Break.

~Nothing’s gonna change my love for you~

I May ❤Him,

If His Passion Of Love Strike A Consensus Between Us,

If His Compassion And Trust Touch The Inner Heart Wall,

And For Any Other Reasons,

I Would Hold Him Tight When I Could,

Embracing Happiness And Sorrows Together,

~Love Story~

I HEART My True Friends,

I Might Have A Garden,

But Only The Holly-trees ( True Friendships) Bloom Constantly,

~As Long As You Love Me~

Thursday, June 17, 2010



1) RECHARGE the brain, body and soul's battery...
2) BFF time...hanging out, coffee/desserts + gossip (chat) time together.
3) SHOPPING!!! haha..shopaholic me is waiting for the sky to drop money..($.$)
4) PAMPER MYSELF- I'm gotta having hybernation..haha..secondly, drama-sensation while sipping hot cocoa or tea..^^
5) De-mythologize and adjust expectations
6) BLOGGING- I'm rebuilding back my social network and personal blogging is FUN!haha..
7) TRAVELING Still in the plan~~
8)COOK AND BAKE AT HOME- Haha..mom never like me entering her kitchen while I lack of interests in cooking..LOL( I only love eating)
9) SKILLS-MANAGINGa.k.a. drawing and art-crafts..hehe..


Today, I read an article about buildings' design and I was very shocked by Dubai's buildings' designs. OMG! The designs of the buildings are very nice and really amazing!Have a look on the pictures below:

'dubai promenade'which is located between dubai marina and palm jumeirah, this wheel shaped five star hotel is built on a man-made peninsula.AMAZING!!!

Dubai's grand pyramid..From wikipedia,its design is derived from egyptian pyramids and this pyramid will be a multi-use space and flanked by two smaller pyramids housing the developer falconcity's offices and commercial space for a theme park.COOL!

The dubai city tower which is also called as vertical city with 1.28km height.I am impressed by the designs of the architecture projects in Dubai.

It is worth mentioning that there are many amazing architectural projects under planning and construction in Dubai,such as Dubai's Anara Tower,'the emaar towers'and etcetera. Do have a view on the websites about architecture projects of Dubai.

Sunday, June 13, 2010



The FIFA World Cup had finally back after 4 years, and it's auspicious that I was having semester break and can stay at home to watch! HOORAY~~The 19th FIFA World Cup had been held in South Africa on 11th June 2010. Hmm.. I had missed out watching the opening ceremony on the day. Well, it's amazing as able to watch 32 teams that were qualified teams..I 'm wishing to watch Italian, Brazil(Kaka), Argentine and Germany team.

The official World Cup song ' Waka Waka"by Shakira is kinda nice~~Oh yea, the official moscot is Zakumi...Ouch, I don't really like the design of it.Hmm.. a leopard with green hair?! Hmm...weird!>.<

Honestly speaking, it might be boring to watch 22 people chasing after or kicking a football on the field for about 2 hours and eventually they may be just drawed 0-0.Hmm.. I don't have abundance of knowledge about football, yet I will be overwhelmed with happiness when the team I support win.

Looking forward to watch the semi-finals and final~~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love Partners

The video above was found when I browsed through blogs yesterday. It's about love, or more specifically about love partners. The definition of love had been illustrated by 9 pairs of couples in the video. Betrayal, waiting for the loved one, trash and greed/desire for a better one, seduction,sex ,real love and the possible diseases that may caused such as AIDS , HIV had been illustrated. I was kinda impressed with the sentences : Each person's love is like a movie in which you and the partner are the main characters who lead and act in the movie.Fall in love just need 2 persons and how many couples can love each other for a lifetime?..

well, often seeing couples broke up because of lack of understanding,betrayal...Hmm..even be married for 10 years, the betrayal of husband/wife may happen..Perhaps, we should learn how to love,treasure and appreciate fully!..The betrayal,mistrust can cause a heart shattered badly~~

In Chinese, there's a sentence:前世的500次回眸才换来今生的一次擦肩而过。Hmm.. I am kinda believe in fate~~If he/ she is the right one that belongs to you, you will be having fruitful felicity.

Hence, treasure the loved ones, treasure your lover, treasure your life..=)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

































Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Recently, I found an article that was about a list of phobias which had caught my interest.Atychiphobia means the fear of failure.I had to admit that I dislike traumatic events, embarrassment and failures! The failures in life experiences decreased my confidence, my self-esteem and the fear of failing to succeed had caused me subconsciously undermining my efforts to continue trying sometimes.

Nah, I always wanna to be a successful lady! An all-rounder! Of course, it might seem to be ridiculous as nobody can be perfect,right? Hmm.. Is Bill Gates the perfect one?!Throughout my life, I faced the failures in achieving my targets for several times. In life,we have many ambitious desires which are achieveable, just that we have to persevere stoically to achive our goals. Most of the time I failed were not because of setting a goal which was not within my reach, but was due to the atychiphobia and the lack of perseverance in the process of striving for reaching the stars.

Anyway, there's something I learned from my course subject- Marketing in which the goal we set has to be:


Today,my final results were released. When I was informed by Hui En, I was praying hard for achieving my target pointer. Honestly, I did smell the failure again after my economy failed to achieve at least A- due to my own mistake I made in the final. This time, with the lack of 0.02, I failed to achieve my goal again. Ouch! My heart was shattered again!

Last sem( lack of 0.01), This sem( lack of 0.02)...Oh, I hope it will not be continuosly having the deficiency again.. Please change the word "lack" to be " surplus/abundance..."

Even though I had failed to achieve the target pointer again, but my results did improve. I am glad that the efforts of mine had paid with the sweet smell of success( an increase of my overall pointers)...Hopefully, I could maintain my academic performance in order to achieve my goal in the 4 year-university life>> 1st Degree honor!

My goal that I had set for next sem: achieve the pointer of 3.85++..I am not going to be defeated by atychiphobia~~~

Monday, June 7, 2010

Family conflict


What is the definition of family?
some say that it means the acronym of " Father and mom, I love You"
some say that family is a social unit that live together and support each other.
some say that it's comprised of blood-related genetically members. A intimacy connection?

It's veracious to say that respect,communication and trust are the cores of family relationships and harmony. However, below every single roof, most families encounter different type of family conflicts. Although quarrels are inevitable to occur among family members, yet in quarreling, the truth is always lost. The
family members are supposed to be honest, respect, and trustworthy with each other.

However, in this day and age,
hate, resentment, jealousy, rivalry, and disapproval are the most pertinent types of complexity among family members.There are skyrocketing broken families due to dad/husband indulging in drugs and gambling. Some parents are working round the clock,neglecting their children. Some parents are abusive and being violent, some even worse i.e. having salacious scene happen (rape cases , brother-sister incest and etc.). Some siblings fight and enter courts to fight for their passed-away parent's properties.Some desire to run away from home, divorce, or estrangement from family ties in order to escape from depressing life.

Family, are those who can observe and undertand your every expression of sorrows,happiness, anger, resentment and etcetera.
Family, should be the ones whom you can face them without wearing a mask to hide your emotion.
Family, should be the one who encourage, support and advice you whenever you meet the bane of one's life or have a can of worms.
Family, should be the one you are always can rely on when you are besetted with difficulties to seek for comforts.
Family, should be the one you will laugh or smile in heart whenever hear their names or think of them.

I never understand the rivalry between me and my rebellious brother.
Is it because I owed him last decade? Or traditionally, the son is still the most important and owns the most authority, and others need to tolerate with him no matter what? Why is he always be the pain in the neck?! Should I feel lucky that I do not have a brother who smoke and indulge in drugs? just a rebellious one?

I came home with the hope for the peaceful days, yet it turned out to be the miserable, unhappy and gloomy life during my holidays. Mutual respect should be established between both family members, not the respect of one to be earned or manipulated.

Family relationship lasts for a lifetime, the blood flows inside us are the same.
A person's parents and siblings will always be their parents and siblings.

Deep in my heart, I really hope that the family relationship can be enhanced and hopefully can build a good and warm family in future.

Saturday, June 5, 2010