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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The batterfield of life

The general life cycle of everyone starts from fetus,toddler, kid/child, teenager, adult,senior citizen and death~The above picture had illustrated how's our life cycle would be, and what we do during the life cycle.

Yesterday, something bad had happened which made me realizing the importance to love and appreciate our ownselves as well as the one you loved i.e. family, friends, and the only one.There are so many cases like fetus died in the womb,unwanted accidents,health diseases which may cause death and etc.

How many people can undergo the whole life cycle then kick the bucket when eventually old? How many people fail to open their eyes after a long sleep?
How many people could predict how long he/she would be living?
How many people can know what will be happened in the next seconds after present!?

The quote goes,"Life is not measured by the number of breath we take, but the moments that take our breaths away."
The young woman's death had made me realized how short is our lives used to be, and how often we keep looking backwards and grieve over the past for which it's gone. Hmm..I used to be troubled about the future, how's my future life would become; for which it's not yet come. ( I love planning about my life though). It's more realistic if we appreciate our present lives and put our hearts,soul and efforts to make it worth remembering!


I LOVE My Family,
Especially Dad And Mom,
Of Course The Darling Sisters And The Rebellious Brother,

And For The Very Reason,

It 's Because We Are A Family Which Cannot Destroy Kindred,

Our Chains Stretch A Little Sometimes, But They Never Break.

~Nothing’s gonna change my love for you~

I May ❤Him,

If His Passion Of Love Strike A Consensus Between Us,

If His Compassion And Trust Touch The Inner Heart Wall,

And For Any Other Reasons,

I Would Hold Him Tight When I Could,

Embracing Happiness And Sorrows Together,

~Love Story~

I HEART My True Friends,

I Might Have A Garden,

But Only The Holly-trees ( True Friendships) Bloom Constantly,

~As Long As You Love Me~