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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Foong Wei Heong Restaurant 风味小食馆 @ Georgetown

The often choice of Chinese restaurant to have scrumptious dinner yet with reasonable price in Penang Island is Foong Wei Heong Restaurant. This restaurant is highly recommended by my aunts; Penangites who often patronized this restaurant for the good quality of dishes. It is advisable to book your table before going to the restaurant as the restaurant is often crowded during dinner hour. 

We reached there at 6.30pm and it was crowded as expected.Coming from KL where we have numerous excellent Cantonese cuisines, I must say that our family were very happy with our dinner tonight.

The 5 main dishes we had ordered were:
  1. Spring rolls and prawn rolls
  2. Stir-fried lotus root mixed with celery and ginko
  3. Signature beancurd stir-fried with gourds and chunks of crab meats
  4. Fried yam basket with signature BBQ pork ribs
  5. Steamed cod fish

Spring rolls and prawn rolls
Both spring rolls and prawn rolls were crispy. 
I preferred the prawn rolls in which two big, fresh prawns were spotted when I took a bite on it. 
The spring rolls' fillings 
Stir fried lotus roots had became one of the favourite dishes for us. 
Normally lotus roots were stir fried with dried shrimps but Foong Wei Heong Restaurant  had stir-fried lotus roots with ginko and celery; a perfect match. Crunchy at each bite.
Signature beancurd which had cooked in different way.
My aunt thought of ordering deep fried beancurds. Anyway, I liked the broth very much for its tasty crab meat slices.
The yam basket was filled with large portion of BBQ pork ribs.
Thumbs up!
The steamed cod fish which was my aunts' favorites!

Foong Wei Heong Restaurant 风味小食馆 is highly recommended for its delicious dishes with satisfying portion and reasonable prices. I shall revisit when I return to Penang again :)

Foong Wei Heong Restaurant 风味小食馆
Location: 23 and 25, Jalan Sri Bahari, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
Telephone number is 604-2611918

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