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Saturday, January 9, 2010

the day before year 2009 ends

The Day Before Year 2009 Ends...

Due to the terrible network connection in uni's hostel,I had Hobson's choice to post up new updates when backed to home.Well,31st of Dec was somewhat a "memorable" day for me and my roommates..

I was back to BP to start my new sem of further studies and it's strange that 1st of Jan 2010 wasn't a public holiday in Johor.*SIGH*...Instead, we still need to attend lessons on that day.On 31st of Dec 2009, my housemates and I had decided to clean-up the house(hostel) as the household dusts were skyrocketting. Apart from sending the curtains to doby,a normal cleaning around the house(sweeping floors,mopping floors and etcetera..),we also had cleaned the fan.At noon, after attending our lessons, we went to jog as to achieve our keep-fit plan..haha..

It was very providential that we did not cancel our plan although we were tired after attending the lessons.An accident had occured when we were not in the hostel room.The fan in our hostel room had been broke asunder where one of the pieces was fallen on my bed. What a fortunate that I wasn't in the room when this accident happened.

We had an unforgetable day on this fateful day in which we were very lucky to escape from death and still alive.

Last but not least,