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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Memory span

Recently, I had been doing some readings and I found an interesting article about memory span of the goldfish today. There's a myth saying that the memory span of a goldfish is around 3 seconds, but the actual research in the contemporary has shown that goldfish does have memory span of at least 3 months and could differentiate colors, shapes and the surrounding of it. Hmm.. somehow I wish to become a goldfish, because having the bitter memories etched in mind is terrible. Bitter memories are much easier to be remembered compared to sweet ones. 3 months of bittersweet memories are enough to be tamed, and there's 'restart' button for goldfish to have another memory again..As human being, I could only remind myself to think about the sweet memories and not to live in the shadows of bad memories.

Anyway, the list of resolution for year 2011 is fulled of my new targets. One of the targets is boast up my pointers and remain in dean list! Okay, perhaps, not only be in dean list, I aim for first class.=) For my studies, I do hope I have more than 3 months memory span =)

Going to watch a funny movie introduced by aunt i.e. 7th Grade Civil Servant, hmm.. next would be The Proposal I guessed~

Monday, December 27, 2010


The year is ending soon and I only have few more days to spend with my family. Somehow, I felt sad as going to leave the home again. I know that I will miss my parents whom have shower me with concerns. Anyway, there are some random photos that I should have uploaded..

it was the birthday cake~ although it was not a happy-ending birthday, but i am still loving it.

- I am looking for university to reopen..
I hope for a bright year ahead...-

Sunday, December 26, 2010

丁当 我爱上的

丁当 我爱上的


Sunday, December 19, 2010

My 21st birthday

Everyone is wishing or sending birthday greetings to wish the birthday girl to have a wonderful 21st birthday. Yet,I wasn't celebrated it happily and almost spent the final 5 hours mourning/crying in sadness.

What does 21st birthday so special about? Yea, I can't deny that I did expect for a joyful celebration with the loved ones. But frankly speaking, it's just meant that parents had gave birth to me and I had grown up to 21 years old now! I did not put high expectation for this year's birthday, just hoping to have a nice hanging out with family. But everything was ruined after a dinner. I hoped that my sis could learn how to respect the elders' opinions rather than just follow what she desired for. Everything was ruined just because of the so called important 'face' of yours. Isn't a nice dinner to be having with family members more important? It's a bad day for me! The birthday cake was laid on the table silently awaiting for the birthday girl to make a wish. If I could make a wish now, I hope that my mom is not angry anymore, so as the siblings.

Anyway, dad, I am so sorry to make u in dilemma. I knew you suggested the venue with good intention, but who knows... Huh!Mom, i am sorry too=(

21st birthday, the worst birthday I ever had, I hate today because I wasn't happy!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The recent shocking news of a guy who committed suicide for his beloved ex gf had shown that the recklessness of parents who lack of concern of their children and the youngsters have cavalier attitude towards their own precious life. Is that really worthwhile to spend your time, life and tears for someone who doesn't love you anymore? "Romeo takes me to somewhere we can be along" is a girl's wishes, hoping that her Mr. Right could bring the felicity and happiness to her. Well, there are many inevitable thing happening in the love story.I hate to say that there are many Korean male/ female celebrities committed suicide because of love too. Committing suicide is just an avenue to avoid the responsibility and sorrows or anger. Leaving your beloved ones with a letter before committing suicide and after all, if you ever know they will be heartbroken to see your corpse with the letter in hand?!

Parents and family are still the only one who will not hurt you much and love you=) there are some exceptions to certain families yet the quote " blood is thicker than water" applies in general. Please do love your own self before loving others.

Life, fulled of bittersweet memories.
Just like my blog's title, it's a bittersweet symphony of life.
Being happy is something I am learning.
The greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being.

Let's smile even it's a bad day=)
At least you are still alive to undergo the sorrows.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I found an interesting post from my friend, Shelyn...She wrote this:

When you look once,
Everything seems nice.
But when you look twice,
You can see all lies.

In life, we have many ambitious desires which are achievable, but we lack stamina to keep pursuing. My dream never seem to be perfect and come true. Do miracles happen? It's inevitable for unexpected things to happen.

The one you trusted with can be the one who hurts you the most. The one who is the closest with you might be the one who lies to you. The one who gave hope to you is possibly to be the person who scuppers all your hopes! The one whom you care the most may gives you lies as present of the day! Gosh! I am damn pissed off today. Yea, I am having a terrible mood after seeing the message at 11am. What a great surprise of the day!!!Ish! Don't ever make a promise when you are unable to fulfill it! You are just a mood ruiner~ To whom who know me best, you should know that I HATE people who break promises ?!

Just like the quote above, when I see it once, the promise seems to be so nice, when I look at it for the second time, it turns to be a lie and will never happen! Gosh! My favorite month becomes the month I detest~Dec 2010 seem to be so unfaithful and I dislike it!

Huh!!! Anyway, today is my buddy,von's birthday! My dear von von, happy birthday to you! May you and martin be the sweet couples forever!=)

A funny photo which is taken from li chen to be shared with:

Well, my goal during the holidays- keeping fit! I hope I can have the persistence and perseverance to achieve my goal.

~ The end~

ps: Dear Lord, I wish my days could be happier!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Essentials for the month

Happy dates

Here's some fusion of bits of my life to share...

On 9th Dec 2010, I had been hanging out with von, val and von's bf; martin. We went to Fullhouse which I wished to go long time ago. Hmm.. the foods there are not very delicious, yet I quite like the decoration there.Thanks to Martin who fetch us to Fullhouse and Sunway Pyramid~

Let's view some camwhores of us..^^

Today, I had went to The Curve and Ikano with my family. After leaving KL to study in Johor, I got less chances to hang out with family already. Today= Shopping day! I finally bought the books entitled of, ' My sister's keeper' and 'waiting for a person's coffee'. Dad and mom bought me a pair of eyes mask!it's so cute~

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today, I would like to address my appreciation to my friends who had bought me some souvenirs when they travelling oversea.

from li chen, my cute ex tuition mate + friend; Nottingham
- the postcard was bought during her travel at Oxford-

from Wesley, my course representative who had brought back the maple leaf from Korea, isn't it cool?!

An unexpected postcard was given by senior Nicky Kah Hoe who traveled at Jeju Island; Korea-


the upper photo is a shirt's words and it spoke my heart out..haha=)

Friday, December 3, 2010

December Month 2010

Yeah! December is approaching!I love this month very much!
1st, it's my birthday month!
2nd, there's my another 2 close friends' birthday month too..i.e. ee von and chin ting's! that's great~
3rd, I love christmas, I am looking forward for the gift from my neighbour..haha! this time, I hope tht i will not get earrings again. XD

On 30th November 2010, it signified our 3rd semester had ended after conquering the last 2 papers. My sistaz had been planned to go to visit Tropical Village, Ayer Hitam to release our stress accumulated from the assignments and exams on the following day.

There were only some photos being captured as we can't bear standing under the hot burned sun for too long. We spent 2 hours at there. Personally thinking that the entrance ticket fee which is RM10 is quite costly and the maintenance of the mini world is much to be desired!

After visiting the tropical village, we headed to Kluang Mall for taming our hunger. We ended up having lunch at Secret Recipe and the chicken cordon bleu was super delicious! It was too bad that my favourite mango delight cake was unavailable on that day. Huh! We found out that secret recipe's chocolate walnut chip cake was very nice too.


The top right= the 21st birthday cake..=)

After the lunch, we went to shopping~Hehe.. my attention was caught by big head doll. There were 4 designs with the difference of their shirts and eyes. The plush dolls were just too cute!
We were much like the prisoners coming out from jails for not seeing the world for a long time. Hahaha! We girls shopped alot for clothes, hair accessories and so on. We came out with a suggestion to the future husbands i.e. it's advisable for letting your wife to shop once every week rather than once a month; otherwise your wife will be shopping triple than you expected. LOL

The most unforgettable moment was hui en they all had bought me a mint vanilla ice-cream cake fro Family Bakery House to have an earlier celebration of my 21st birthday! The mint ice-cream melt inside my mouth while the love that's given by them melt my heart! I was much more surprised when I found the round head doll on my bed when I slept. It was the gift from them! I love it very much! The head is very similar to mushroom's head. Haha..


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Exams 2010

The 7 exam papers had been conquered within 5 days, or in other words, the exam papers for my course were finished within a week! OMG! It's really terrible when your brain's capacity is low to accommodate so many stuffs inside. The guilt inside myself is indescribable as i did not do well in my exam papers in final examinations. Huh..Quality Management, Business Law, Japanese, MOT, Management Information System,Technical Writing and Manufacturing Technology~ None of the papers that I am satisfied with the performance of my exams. Ahhhh.. Hopefully, I still can manage to maintain my dean list position.

I personally very dislike the irresponsibility of the manufacturing technology lecturer as he did not teach well and most of us did not know what had we learnt during this sem. A lecturer who only knew how to give tutorial questions after doing his one-man show of presenting the presentation slides! Ish.. I wondered how he got his Dr. title!!!

Anyway, i am the main enemy of myself for not doing well in exams~Nah, I still could on facebook during the hectic exam week..Facebook is much more interesting than reading the stack of closed-text passages..=*


exam preparation with a MILO cup in which its content is coffee instead of milo and some snacks~

Haiz..it's useless to cry over the spilled milk, i could only to pay back my sleeping debts during the exam weeks now..