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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Phantom of The Opera by SMK.ST.MARY

28th July~

A precious night that I had went back to my beloved ex-school. SMK.ST.MARY had continued its rich tradition of showcasing musical drama- The Phantom of The Opera.It ended so well…I'm so proud of St.Marians.It's a great surprise to see St. Marians’ spirit is so strong and they have improved so well.

It's quite sad that I have to place a word-"ex" in front of St.Marian to address myself now.Anyway,once st marian,forever we will be~~ I'm glad to see Wei Jean acting so well as Christine,Mrs. Tan's daughter-Michelle acted as Raoul(she looks so cute),and of course a big surprise to me was Lim Bowie acted as La Carlotta.Besides that, the junior who acted as the phantom,I like her very much.Salute for her amazing performance!!!So as the pianist-Pou Leen and I did keep my promise to u,mei yeen,you are performing well!! I felt very happy when many juniors are still recognized me after I left the school.Wow..quite happy to chat with Eilyn Chong too.(Last time,I admired her very much)...

Not to forget,the main reason that I went back to St.Mary was to meet up my old friends.The st john gang,adeline,Tiff,inderpreet,yasmin,yee min,shwu wei and etc.Yo..so miss the school life there.The school life there is not replaceable.The bitter ans sweet memory in st mary will be embedded in my mind forever.The memories- chit-chated with the sweetest gang-von,yiing,val,vicky,shan,yuen,eileen and nikki; took nth number of photos with tiffany and see yan~,shouting or boo ppl in the hall during certain occasions. Too bad u guys are not coming today,if not can shout with me together.HAHA...and of course the memories with certain juniors especially nicole and siew teng will not be forgotten.

well,I really miss St.Mary's life very much.I'm thankful to my dear ex-school which had trained me to have good discipline and politeness.The school's motto "I SERVE" is still in my mind although I have been a new school now.Hmmmm... the ladies’ washroom in the school i'm studying now is enough to describe if I really wanted to tell…..

anyway,I'm really proud of you guys! ST.MARIAN ROCKS!!!

p/s: here are some pictures of the great show~~

~the main characters - charissa(phantom),wei jean(christine), michelle(raoul)

smk st mary

smk st mary

smk st mary

~the musicians~

Thursday, June 12, 2008


It’s inevitable wanting to have the feeling to express one’s desire of intimacy, belonging and to be loved. Many people don’t know I love him so much. It’s a fate to let me know him.

Today, I meet him again. He is busy eating his breakfast there. I’m wondering if he knows I’m observing his countenance. The feeling of love is beyond words to be described. It itches in my heart that nobody could even scratch or touch! I had knew him for many years and the love feeling towards him is even stronger nowadays.

Last time, I considered him as a weird person and dared not talk to him. My heart will pound like a runaway horse when he approached me. I scared he’s in a bad mood. I scared of the strange atmosphere. The main thing I’d scared of was no topics to talk to each.

I don’t remember when the first time he held up my hands was. But I know when I need a person who is trustful, he will be the one. I know he will not reveal my secrets to any others. I know he can be the one who gives me comforts and suitable advices or solutions. Whenever I’m sad, he is the person I will think of to talk with. He will just sitting there in solitude while listening to my cavils. Then he will give me courage to keep moving on. Sometimes, I even throw tantrum or emotional chaos to him when I ‘m in bad mood. I know deep in his heart, he will think that I’m so ridiculous to for showing my own tantrum to him for no apparent reason. Yet, he will just look at me and say, ”So, what had happened to you?” or “ Cry out …” ,”want me to help?” and etc. Tears welling up in my eyes when I hear him said so.

For some people, they will think he is a serious person. Yet, the way he conducts work, being serious sometimes and etc. making him so admirable. (at least for me) Just that, my fear will rush through my veins when his eyes are radiated with anger. Sometimes, I am even angry of him till I think of leaving him. However, I know I can’t live without him. Without him, I may not survive. My heart will be in agony when I know how much he disappointed of me for not being good as expected. I always feel sorry for that.

I really thankful for the Fate Master for giving us the golden opportunity to be together with.He had sacrificed a lot for me either in $$,love and luxury. I know I love him! Some said love is reflected by what one has and how much in materials . For those who have the fallacy to think that, it’s definitely wrong. The beauty of love cannot be dictated by materials, but CARE and SACRIFICES (mentally).

I have the fear of losing him-THE MOST TREASURED LOVE. I never reveal how much I love him. I never make a confession on any of his special day. I wonder if he know how much I treasure him. I wonder if he will feel jealous when I talk more to m__. I still don’t have the courage to tell him directly the 3 sparkling, romantic words,” I LOVE YOU”

~I love you.Can you feel the passion of my love? dad....~

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In a serene morning,listening to Taylor Swift's songs...The newest sensation on the country music scene is Taylor Swift,i'm kinda admire her now.Her voice is great and her theme of songs are inspiritual,special and so as the songs>>NICE! I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed every single song on the album. Her voice is not only just great ,and she doesn't try to portray herself as someone much older or more sophisticated.

Sharing with u all a song- A Place In This World,it suits many girls perhaps...

Taylor Swift-A Place In This World

I don't know what I want, so don't ask me
cause I'm still trying to figure it out
don't know what's down this road, I'm just walking
trying to see through the rain coming down
even though I'm not the only one
who feels the way I do.

I'm alone, On my own, and that's all I know
I'll be strong, I'll be wrong, oh but life goes on
Oh I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world

Got the radio on, my old blue jeans
and I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve
feeling lucky today, got the sunshine.
could you tell me what more do I need
and tomorrow's just a mystery, oh yeah
but that's ok


maybe I'm just a girl on a mission
but I'm ready to fly..

I'm alone, On my own, and that's all I know
Oh I'll be strong, I'll be wrong, oh but life goes on
OH I'm alone, On my own, and that's all I know
Oh I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world

Oh I'm just a girl,
Oh I’m just a girl
Oh I’m just a girl

Sunday, June 1, 2008




1)通过电话对我的亲朋好友说我平时想说但却没有说出口的话。尽管生命时间很短,但必须感谢他们的养育之恩吧!还有,我很爱你们-我的父母!︿︿ 对于朋友,很舍不得你们。你们毕竟带给我很多欢笑`快乐。唔……似乎一个小时很不足够啦。父母-30分钟,弟妹们-15分钟,朋友-15分钟吧……








 当在人世间,我们就应该有泪就尽量流,有声就尽情唱,有情就去珍惜,有苦就尽量尝…… 有感这一句满有意思,取自《鬼赞》。