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Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello Kitty Malaysia Gila Sales Online is LIVE Now!

A Super Good News to all Hello Kitty Fans!!
Finally… Hello Kitty Malaysia Gila Sales Online is LIVE today..!
They are selling for Hello Kitty products through online!
They’re going to open this for 1 week only due to the limited stocks
they have.
And they mentioned that it will be first come first serve basis,
Make sure you act before others :)

Currently they’re giving away Hello Kitty 2013 Calender, and you can
have your own copy from them today.
If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself here,
while it’s still available:
==> http://www.hellokittymalaysia.com
This special Hello Kitty 2013 Calender and Hello Kitty Gila Sales Online
is open for a limited time only, which it may be taken off completely.
Stop reading this now, and go to the Hello Kitty Malaysia website and grab
your own copy now:
==> http://www.hellokittymalaysia.com
If you’re reading this blog post too late, then you may have missed it.
Don’t leave a comment to complain because there’s nothing I can do.
I DID tell you it’s a limited offer :)

Grab Your Calender Now

Signature Xiao Long Bao and Taiwanese Cuisines @ Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐); e-Curve

Din Tai Fung [1st Visit] was a pleasant visit and I had recommended to my family few days ago. It was rare that I came to visit the same restaurant within a short period. This time I patronized Din Tai Fung again with my family as I was craving for its signature specialties especially the hand-pulled noodles and xiao long bao.

The menu display outside Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung's mascot

The surrounding

My superheroes 

Deep-fried Specially Marinated Pork Chop
We had pleasantly savored this deep-fried marinated pork chop in which the meat was juicy and tender, making for a wholesome gastronomic experience at Din Tai Fung. 8 slices of pork chop were definitely not sufficient for 6 of us and we ordered another plate again.

Xiao Long Bao
Din Tai Fung's xiao long bao is steamed bun with different fillings like pork, crab roe, truffle, chicken and etcetera. Look at the xiao long bao whereby each is wrapped constantly with the same folds which ended with the tiny knots on top. 
The delicately fragrant xiao long bao was served hot. Din Tai Fung's xiao long bao did not burst when I picked it up with my chopsticks. Before popping one into the mouth, a dash of vinegar and ginger slices are the best condiments for xiao long bao. The broth oozed out after a small nibble of the xiao long bao. Nevertheless, we loved the pungent fillings of meat with the flavorful broth. 

Fragrant Spring Onion La Mian 蔥油肉絲拉麵
The handmade noodles were soft but remained with a pleasantly springy consistency tossed with shredded meats and spring onions. The portion of this fragrant spring onion noodles was well suited for a lady's appetite. 
Hot and Sour La Mian
Again, I had ordered this for my family to try. The hot and sour soup filled with shredded porks, black fungus, beancurds and bamboo shoot had been greatly matched the plain noodles.Nevertheless, it was still very tasty and I didn’t regret getting it at all.

Being the fans of fried rice, the simple yet delicious fried rice of Din Tain Fung did not disappoint me. However, the portion was quite small and it was considered expensive for its price. However, I got to admit that not everyone could master this simple eggy fried rice. 
Taiwanese spring rolls where the fillings were wrapped in a crispy spring roll skin.
Crunchy and not oily.

Golden Pumpkin with Salted Egg
The deep fried pumpkins with salted egg was a mixture of crunchy, smooth and salty wonderment.

The 2nd time capturing photo of Din Tai Fung's mascot with my mom.

The open kitchen concept which showed the cleanliness of the interior, kitchen and of course showcasing the process of making the signature xiao long bao.

Mom was impressed with the delicately handmade xiao long bao with precision.

The process of making steamed pork dumplings or xiao long baos were showcased where each of us could observe the process through glass panels. 

The price of the dishes of Din Tai Fung was on par with Dragon-i and both restaurants were offering the similar dishes. My dad preferred the bouncy egg noodles offered by Dragon-i while I loved both! Likewise, good quality of food were inexpensive, yet it's normal to have noodles/ rice which costed over RM10 at shopping malls. Apart from that, the ambiance, quality of the food and attentive waiters/waitresses were really impressive. 

Restaurant address:
Din Tai Fung e@Curve 
G17-G20, Ground Floor 

Japanese Cuisine @ 寿司三味Sushi Zanmai in One Utama

I had been anticipating for Japanese foods for a very long time and finally I had the chance to taste some really affordable yet quality Japanese cuisines in Kuala Lumpur. Most of my friends and my parents don't like to eat Japanese cuisines hence I hadn't have the chance to taste it yet. Today was some sort of celebrations for us and opting to dine at Sushi Zanmai; One Utama; a genuine conveyor-belt sushi restaurant would be a good choice.We went around 11am and we were lucky that we did not need to queue up for dining inside.

The menu
one utama, japanese food sushi zanmai
Got readied with sweet sauce and wasabi. Hot tea was served after we were seated.
japanese food sushi zanmai
Me, spotted @ Sushi Zanmai
sushi zanmai, japanese cuisine sushi zanmai
Chuka Lidako Sushi, Inari Ebikko sushi
japanese food, 1 utama, sushi
Caterpillar Roll is a mix of roasted eel and Tamago Sushi topped with Avocado.
The combination of Avocado Eel and Tamago are succulent.
japanese cuisine
We had ordered Kanimayo Maki.
one utama, roasted eel, japanese cuisine
Unatama Don @ RM 16.80; My favorite roasted eel simmered with egg on rice, oiishii!

one utama, japanese foods
Itachoco Monaka;  green tea and yam ice cream wrapped with crunchy waffes. Eat it while it's cold!
1 Utama, sushi, japanese foods
Choco Banana as dessert and it was made of banana, vanilla and chocolate ice cream with cornflakes.
sushi, japanese food
Joel and I @ Sushi Zanmai; One Utama
The staffs were trained well and well-organized. However, they would be inattentive during the peak hours. Overall, I thought the quality of the food was slightly above average and prices of the japense cuisines were affordable. In my opinion, Sushi Zanmai is way better than Sushi King and Sakae Sushi. I will definitely go back for a second visit but strictly for novelty, just to check out some other dishes that I have yet to try.... =)

How about you?