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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Top 10 Things to Do in Krabi;Thailand | Krabi 5 Days 4 Nights Itinerary

After having a year of toiling blood, sweat and tears over work, it's time to plan a short getaway. I used to envious of the expatriates who are able to pack their luggage and apply leaves for 1-2 months without losing their jobs after returning from holidays. Anyway, 5 days 4 nights of hopping on a flight to Krabi; Thailand was a nice getaway for me. December appears to be a month which is suitable for us to visit to Thailand due to its great weather (with bright sun).

Apart from sharing my 5 days 4 nights itinerary spent in Krabi, I present to you my list of things to do in Krabi; Thailand:

1. Stroll along Ao Nang beach and enjoy the sunset

There are few famous beaches in Krabi such as Ao Nang Beach, Railay Beach and Nopparat Thara Beach. Ao Nang beach which is the nearest beach to our stay, becoming a great base from which to explore the surrounding region during the 1st day we touched down at Krabi. The soft,white sand beaches, beautiful sunset view and the long-tail boats contribute a picturesque view of Ao Nang beach.

The long-tail boats as transports for surrounding secluded bays and islands. 

One of the greatest shots of Ao Nang beach

2. Krabi 4-Islands Hopping Tour by Long-tail boat

Based on website, there are around 200 islands around the Krabi coastline, many are small rocky outcrops that rise precipitously out of the sea and have no landing access. Others are larger and uninhabited with the white sand beaches, crystal clear seas, coral reefs, and intricate cave. No trip to Krabi is complete without visiting the famous islands which are surrounded by crystal clear seas and coral reefs. There are many islands hopping tours such as Phi Phi Islands, Lanta Island, 4 islands tour, Hong Islands and etcetera.

Our choice of Krabi Islands tours were Hong Islands Hopping Tour and 4 Islands Tour. The 4 islands tour by long-tail boat include Phra Nang Island with the cave, Tup Island, Chicken Island and Poda Island. You can stroll along the white, sandy causeway linking Koh Tap and Koh Mor which appears during the low tide. Plenty of activities you could have enjoyed during the islands hopping tour such as swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and of course taking photos! 

3. Krabi Hong Islands Tour by Speedboat

Compared to long-tail boat, speedboat which accommodates lesser people able to reduce waiting time and travel faster to the islands. You may enjoy kayak-ing/ canoeing  activities at Hong Island. I think it's fun to glide through shallow water and explore around caves inaccessible to larger boats. I'm captivated by Hong Island's spectacular rock formation and the beautiful scenery of lagoon. 

Hong Islands

Read the blog posts of my Hong Islands Hopping Tour and 4 Islands Tour.

4. Hop onto Tuk-tuk

At Ao Nang beach, there are small minivans (tuk-tuks) and motorbike sidecar taxis (samlor) everywhere. You can choose to hop onto Tuk-tuk after negotiating the price and it will take you to most places in the local vicinity. While you are in Krabi, try to hop onto the tuk-tuk once and enjoying the breeze while sight-seeing. 

5. A Visit to Khlong Thom District- Emerald Pool and Hot Springs Waterfall

In the southern part of Thailand named Khlong Thom District, the famous Emerald Pool is also called Sa Morakot has been recommended to be visited when come to Krabi. It has been listed in Unseen Thailand.The natural blue-green color of the Emerald Pool was contributed by the mixture of bacteria, mineral and lime stone solution. It takes about 45 minutes to reach this pool and you may just able to take around 30 minutes to enjoy drenching under the Emerald Pool before returning to the meet-up place.

The Hot Spring Waterfall; Namtok Ron is located approximately 8km from the Emerald Pool with natural hot streams flow through the jungle, cascading down several small waterfalls with the aid of rock formations that creates at least 5 “jacuzzis” before dropping into a colder little lake. Nah.. it's claimed that you will have smoother skin after drenching under hot springs for 30-45 minutes.

6. Food-hunting

Eat and play remain the main activities when you come for trip. I've even written a blog post namely 7 Places to eat in Krabi and Adventure of Krabi Street Foods, listing the places which I had been visited.

1. Tanta's Restaurant

2. Wine V Bar and Bistro * recommended *

3. Mom's Restaurant

4. Lae Lay Grill Restaurant * recommended *
Mango sticky rice

5. Rain House Duck Noodles * recommended *
6. Ao Nang Street Market * recommended *

7. Visit and Explore Krabi Temples- Tiger Cave Temple and Wat Kaew Korawaram

The Tiger Cave Temple; Wat Tam Seua is considered by Krabi's Bhuddists to be one of the most sacred sites in the province of Krabi. I had the fallacy to think that there are tigers in this temple or the temple has belief in tigers. In fact, there isn't a single tiger in this temple, but a few rock formations resembling tigers' claw.

The entrance

The lower level before ascending to the mountain

There are over 1,200 jagged steps. The climb is a bit strenuous and it takes about one hour or more to reach the hilltop. Well, my friend; JSY and I did not manage to climb up to the hilltop and we stopped by at the staircase to rest while enjoy the scenery. The given time was rather short for me to climb up and hike down the staircase. 

The monkey grabbed the water bottle to drink water.

Among 12 of us in the van, only few managed to make it to the hilltop to view the “footprint of the Buddha” and the largest bell tower in southern Thailand.  One of the foreigners who came all the way from Russia had used 45 minutes to climb to the hilltop and he mentioned that he could hike even faster if no taking photos during the journey. Incredible!

To view more photos, you may click this website to view what's on top of the Tiger Cave: https://yolomomonthego.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/krabi-thailand-wat-tham-suea-tiger-cave-temple/.

Another sight-seeing tourist area is the white temple; Wat Kaew Korawaram located in Krabi-town city centre. A grand staircase with dragon sculptures with a large;white temple as background.

Behind the temple is the city's art museum, which is also worth a visit.

8. Krabi City Tour- Khao Khanap Nam, Giant Black Crabs statue, Elephant Statues, Street Art

Unlike the busy Ao Nang region, Krabi City is more tranquil. It would be better to stay at Ao Nang for the 1st time visitor to Krabi. We dropped by Riverside to have photo taken with Khao Khanap Nam and Giant Black Crabs statue. We spent less than 30 minutes at Vogue Department Store and nothing much could be bought there. Krabi Premium Outlet Village could be a better choice for having shopping hauls. 

The Monkey traffic light

Krabi's street art with the beautiful paintings were on the walls of a school.


Mud Crab Statues
Krabi Riverside with a photo taken with Khao Khanap Nam; the two mountains that are roughly 100 meters tall, separated by Maenam Krabi and located at the entrance to Krabi Town. 

Krabi's 1st km started from here

9. Pamper yourself with massage sessions!

Thailand is notable for its cheaper price of massage and body treatment session compared to Malaysia. The walking distance to the long stretch of massage huts had become a benefit for us to drop by after islands hopping tour. The 1st night we had the foot massage at 180 baht per person. Well, it wasn't the best foot massage as the women kept talking non-stop while massaging our feet.

There are plenty of massage parlors along Ao Nang Beach where you can get a variety of services (foot and shoulder massage, body massage, oil massage and etc.) at affordable prices. You could negotiate the prices before entering the massage shop/hut. We had experienced heavenly body massage on the 2nd day we were back from 4 Islands tour. The soreness and tiredness seem to be rubbed away with the powerful hands of masseurs who had kneaded and pressed our soles/calves with firm force. 

10.  Have cozy chats with your loved ones with Thailand Snacks and Beers

Last but not least, you shall spend splendid time to have some cozy chats with your friend, lover, the life partner or family after the day tours. Thailand snacks such as seaweeds, Lay chips, squids and Thai beers such as Chang and Singha are the great companions during your cozy chats with the loved ones.
Chang classic beer

I had a great chat session during the 1st night with my lovely friends!

Krabi 5 Days 4 Nights Itinerary

Day 1
  • Checked in Varendah Hotel at 4.30pm
  • Strolled along Ao Nang beach and enjoyed the sunset
  • Had dinner at Tanta's Restaurant
  • Experienced the 1st massage session at Ao Nang
  • Supper and cozy chat session at Wine V Bar and Bistro
Day 2
  • Picked up by minivan towards Krabi 4-islands hopping tour
  • Had dinner at Mom's Restaurant
  • Body Massage 
  • Strolled along Ao Nang Street

Day 3
  • Picked up by minivan to Khlong Thom District
  • Visit Tiger Cave Temple
  • Emerald Pool 
  • Lunch at Canteen area of Emerald Pool
  • Hot Springs Waterfall
  • Dinner at Lae Lay Grill Restaurant
  • Food and souvenirs adventure at Ao Nang Street Market
Day 4
  • Picked up by minivan to Krabi Hong Islands Tour
  • Had tea-break at Ao Nang stall
  • Packed luggage to leave to Krabi Town Hotel
  • Discover Krabi city
  • Had dinner at Chao Fah Pier Night Market in Krabi Town
  • Visited fruit markets in Krabi Town
  • Shopped for local snacks and instant noodles
Day 5
  • Breakfast at nearby restaurant in Krabi town
  • Window-shopping at Vogue Department Store
  • Dropped by to have photos with Khao Khanap Nam, Giant Black Crabs statue, Elephant Statues, Street Art
  • Visited white temple; Wat Kaew Korawaram 
  • Enjoyed local recommended food- herbal duck noodles at Rain House Duck Noodles 
  • Last minute shopping at Krabi Premium Outlet Village.
  • Bid goodbye to the Krabi Tour tour-guide and traveled back to home.

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