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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Krabi; Thailand- Authentic and Delicious Street Foods

The night that we came back from Lae Lay Grill, we had patronized along Ao Nang street and had some delicious Krabi's street foods as supper. It was like a night market full of street food stalls, stalls which sell clothing, jewelry and various types of souvenirs. A short blog post regarding the street food I had in Ao Nang Night Market & Krabi Town. 

Ao Nang's Street Foods

1. Burger and fruit juice stalls

2. Fried Banana Pancake

This definitely looks familiar to Malaysians, however Thai seems to prefer sweeter whereby the pancakes here are normally topped with condensed milk, nutella, chocolate, sugar or honey. We had a hard time to decide what to order by looking at the extensive choices of menu at the food cart. At last, we chose to have fried banana pancake topped with cinnamon. The final product presented was just so appealing.

Crispy, sweet and delicious pancake

3. Grilled Marinated Chicken Breasts 

You could opt for grilled and salted corn on the cob, and even fish!

4. Charcoal-grilled squid skewers with cucumber

5. There was another Thai dish we sampled at Ao Nang's street market. It was wrapped with banana leaf with a mixture of noodles and chicken slices. I couldn't find that name of this dish, but could remember that it was one of the delicious foods I had eaten in Ao Nang.

Chao Fah Pier Night Market in Krabi Town

We moved to stay at a hotel in Krabi Town during the last night before we went back to Malaysia. Chao Fah Night Market i.e. Krabi’s largest night market was recommended by the tour guide and he reminded us to have our dinner there to discover the savors of genuine Thailand. There were many food stalls along the long roadsides, selling great range of local dishes such as barbecued seafood and meat, curry,seafood and etcetera.

First, you do not need to rush to get a place to be seated as there were plentiful of tables and seats. Turn around and patronize each food stall to decide what you would like to fill in the emptiness of your stomach. 

1. Barbecue/ Charcoal Grilled chicken

The chicken meat was so tender, soft and well marinated.

We were attracted to order the barbecued pork meat! 

2. Pad Thai

Pad Thai is like the national noodle of Thailand as most food stalls in Krabi has this noodle dish. Pad Thai; a street food dish made from stir-fried rice noodles with egg, beansprouts, peanuts, shallots, tofu, prawns/chicken meats and tamarind juice/sauce. The taste of Pad Thai was somehow like the sing chew meehoon we used to have in Malaysia, sweet, spicy, tangy and delicious!

Pad Thai

3. Thailand steamed seafood as main dish

Well, I don't usually order main dish when come to night market especially during travelling. However, I had to agree to my friends to have dining experience at night market after observing the crowds eating the seafood of this stall. There were a wide range of seafood such as fish, crabs, lala, prawns and so on. The stall owner let the food patronizer to choose the seafood and the cooking method (fry, steam, barbecue).

Steamed fish which was fresh, tender and the broth was appetizingly good.
Good choice of Chia Pei!
Salad (tomatoes, cucumbers and onions)as complimentary dish which come together with the fish.
Well, I felt this 35 baht was well spent.

We had ordered another dish which had squids, eggplants, long beans and carrots. 
The coconut-based broth wasn't suitable to me.

4. Jae Mai’s Ice Cream

From observing the area, it seems to be the only ice cream stall around. It was recommended by thr tour guide who kept reminding us to look for an old lady selling homemade coconut and chocolate ice-cream. The ice-cream with condiments and a bread bun was around 20-25 baht.

My choice of coconut ice-cream topped with attap chee (palm seed)

The rest of my friends chose to have toppings of corns, attap chee and breads.

We ended our Krabi's food adventure with a satisfied stomach. 

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