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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Disappointment has flooded my heart!

New semester had started and I am currently a 3rd year university student. Somehow I am very disappointed with the management of the faculty of my university. The timetable is released during the 1st day of university reopens, and the newly built faculty building is unable to be used ( need to be examined by Bomba and don't have tables/chairs yet...) Apart from that, the subjects registration or session problems are like a norm , never be improved in this new semester as well. Ok, I would say that i am rather disappointed than happy! Much to my disappointment, I just had attended 2 classes during the 1st week of university restarts. Some friends from other faculties had their lessons started as well, but our course are still on holidays! Hmm..it's inevitable for me to have the fallacy of thinking that the semester break has not ended. Or perhaps lecturers are still on holidays!

We paid to study in university, and yet lecturers aren't being responsible to teach lessons. It's said to be lecturers will be very busy during the 1st week, and may resume classes during the second week. Yet, one of my lecturers had been telling us that he might not have lesson on during Monday. Huh...

What's the point of coming back earlier to prepare for new semester?
What's the point of being a hardworking student while lecturers are so lazy?!

D.A.M.N!!! I feel very unmotivated!

Disappointment has flooded my heart!~

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Working life at Synovate Malaysia

Hereby, I would like to remark my working life in the territory of mine. With the intention to enhance my English and communicative skills, I had gone to Synovate, Menara IGB; KL ( an international market research company) to work with my friend, Yee Lin from 16th June- 27th Aug2011. The assistant manager is kinda strict, well, I would say that she's a perfectionist who wants everything to be neatly organized. The FEs especially Cik Nurul, Sashi and Mahesh are very friendly and helpful, as well as the colleagues there.

Me, preparing to make phone calls.
The job as a market researcher =)
At first, I was very nervous and had no confidence in making calls. I was slow in interviewing and had bad pronunciation in making certain calls, in which the errors were pointed out by mentor; Cik Nurul and she guided me how to make successful calls. Well, through peers and guidance from the Field Executives, I had gained courages and had been assigned to handle more projects. Well, to my delights, Cik Nurul had congratulated me that I showed more confidence in speaking and had better interviewing and probing skills.

Thanks to yee lin who helped me alot when facing difficulties during work. And yea, without her, May Lai, Uma, Chandrakala, Shazwan and a bunch of funny malay colleagues; my working life will be very dull. We always chat during work, sharing bits of life, and of course, we had been scolded by a fierce FE- Rainnee sometimes. Yet I know this is her responsibility as a supervisor and it was a wonderful working experience.

Yee Lin and I had been meeting up with May Lai on 6th September before we headed back to university. During the morning, we met up at Ying Ker Lou for having brunch together.
 pan mee
Ying Ker Lou Pan Mee which I would thumb up for its taste and nice soup provided!
Drink of the day- Barley Water.
Fantastic delicacy! It's a bowl of dessert made of dragon fruits and glutinous balls.
Price: Reasonable
Ratings of the food: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5
Revisit again: Yes!

Hangout with May Lai and Yee Lin

.... (To be continued)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Singapore Travel | Night Sight-seeing @ Sentosa Island

After enjoying at Universal Studio Singapore, we had headed to VIVO City for dinner. The growling stomach needed a treat badly. One thing I observed at Vivo City's Food Republic was most people had placed a tissue paper packet, bottle to book a table or seats. From my point of view, it was really a bad attitude. Perhaps this was a norm at crowded area especially Vivo City with so many tourists. The places at Sentosa Island which had been explored during night time.

1. Merlion Statue

Fraser Brunner came up with the design of statue in 1964 for the Singapore Tourism Board. Merlion Statue looked like a lion's head with a Mermaid's body (Fish). The height of the merlion statue was about 1 metre or more and lightings made it looking more attractive from far.

2. Songs of The Sea

Coincidentally we met the time that had a great show which was going to showcase at Siloso Beach in Sentosa Island, Singapore. We were told by one of the tourists mentioning that the musical show was worth to be watched. It was the world’s only permanent show set in the sea. It was a musical show with spectacular pyrotechnics displays, water jets, laser show, flame bursts, amazing fireworks and etcetera. The show had ended with fireworks and it was a pleasant night for us!

Image Credit: robert casaclang jr
Image Credit: Jay Brezinsky
Image Credit: ersumitkjha

3. Lake of Dreams

It' s a spectacular choreographed display of fire, water and light, designed by four-time Emmy award-winner Jeremy Railton. Notably to mention that there's no admission fees and everyone can sit around to enjoy the show at 9.30pm.  There was a mini concert going on after the show as well.

Lake of dreams

4. Casino

Just gained experience in exploring the casino at the age that's legible to enter casino. I was surprised that most thought that I was underage. A good sign :)

My parents and I entered the casino to wander around. I didn't know there were so many different games for gambling such as tai sai (big vs small), blackjack, roulette, money wheel and so on. After a small gamble, we had enjoyed some free flows of coffee, cappuccino and tea. The lights and atmosphere inside the casino could make you forget the reality. 

Singapore Travel | Universal Studios Singapore

After having delicious breakfast in Hard Rock Hotel, we quickly headed to Universal Studio Singapore as we were afraid that there would be long queues at the entrance. We dropped by at Candilicious and had a shopping spree of chocolates and candies. We bought two containers of marshmallows in order to fill up our stomachs in case of hunger. 

Universal Studios Singapore's queue was visibly long and we were lucky that we had bought online tickets earlier. It shortened the waiting time at counters.

Frankenstein with the best stars. By the way, why did my mom laugh instead? Hmm.

The cute daisy!

There are many attractions in Universal Studios Singapore and I will try my best to jot down in my memory lane here. The first on our left was Madagascar water ride/ Madagascar: A Crate Adventure. A family ride on boat to view the Madagascar adventures.

This had attracted me and the lion Alex toy was so cute!

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

I was impressed with the waiting time counter as this gave us the choice to continue waiting or visit another destination first.

Alex the Lion, King Julian, the cute penguins and hippo.
We wished to have photos with them yet the queue was terribly long.

Hence we proceeded with the photo with the Madagascar Family sculptures instead.

Far far away Castle to meet The Shrek / Shrek 4-D Adventure

A 4D show of The Shrek which kept my mom enjoyed very much.
I still remembered the show had green phlegm coming from the Green Princess Fiona.
Oops Pussy on the boots was spotted yet it just waved hands to us. No photos were allowed as it's going to rest.

Sis with the cute sculpture
The Lost World | Jurassic Park

There was on-going maintenance at Jurassic Park hence we did not manage to soak in wet as most others pre-informed earlier. Hence, I just posed in front of the giant dinosaur.

I wasn't sure if this ride was from Jurassic Park as it was taken after our tour from Waterworld


The live show performance was held in a stadium whereby death-defying battles accompanied with guns shots, explosions and thrills could be seen here. The two-way communication of the show was great and funny. The audiences who sat at the front rows had drenched with water with the games played by the characters of Waterworld. My mom was terrified as she kept wondering when the water will be splashed on her.

Some scenes of the show

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt with mummies, the discovery in the Golden Age of Egyptian Exploration were featured in the ride later.

The two Battlestar Galactica rides could be seen here.

Family shooting :)

Revenge of the Mummy's
My family except mom had the thrill ride in Revenge of the Mummy's. We were told that it was a indoor high speed ride hence my mom chose to stay at outside to take care of our belongings and munch her breads. Just some remembrance after the scary ride. We were seated on a high speed roller coaster in the dark and enjoy various scary scene. It was a smooth ride at first, then  the roller coaster suddenly stopped in front of an eye with worms coming out. The roller coaster moved backward, then we were plagued on all sides by huge fireballs, swarms of scarab beetles and an army of warrior mummies, all in total darkness. My brother requested for the 2nd ride after we came out in shock, this time my dad accompanied him.

Battlestar Galactica
A big " No " from our family hence we just had a photo of this giant, scary roller coaster.

Sci-Fi City

A thrill ride with the whirling cars with siblings. 

New York City

Lights, Camera, Action! which was hosted by Steven Speilberg was the main attraction in this zone. We were enlightened on how movies are created and the special effects of light, camera and actions which made the movies look real. It was interesting! The buildings at the zone was quite interesting too.


Hollywood themed zone was the final themed zone we visited. It was the main entrance of the park but we chose to go to visit Madagascar on the left side of entrance earlier. Monster Rock where Universal Classic Monsters would be dancing and singing Rock-N-Roll tunes. 

Mom posed in front of a "bakery" shop

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Mel's Dinettes

Daddy O's shining beach looks :)

It was almost 5pm and we finished most of the theme parks. Mom asked if we would like to re-visit some theme parks, but it was enough for us.THE STOMACHS WERE GROWLING!

While fireworks performance was at night, yet we thought that it would be a better decision for us to have dinner first. Last but not least, we had a photo before we left Universal Studio Singapore.