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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Singapore Travel | Night Sight-seeing @ Sentosa Island

After enjoying at Universal Studio Singapore, we had headed to VIVO City for dinner. The growling stomach needed a treat badly. One thing I observed at Vivo City's Food Republic was most people had placed a tissue paper packet, bottle to book a table or seats. From my point of view, it was really a bad attitude. Perhaps this was a norm at crowded area especially Vivo City with so many tourists. The places at Sentosa Island which had been explored during night time.

1. Merlion Statue

Fraser Brunner came up with the design of statue in 1964 for the Singapore Tourism Board. Merlion Statue looked like a lion's head with a Mermaid's body (Fish). The height of the merlion statue was about 1 metre or more and lightings made it looking more attractive from far.

2. Songs of The Sea

Coincidentally we met the time that had a great show which was going to showcase at Siloso Beach in Sentosa Island, Singapore. We were told by one of the tourists mentioning that the musical show was worth to be watched. It was the world’s only permanent show set in the sea. It was a musical show with spectacular pyrotechnics displays, water jets, laser show, flame bursts, amazing fireworks and etcetera. The show had ended with fireworks and it was a pleasant night for us!

Image Credit: robert casaclang jr
Image Credit: Jay Brezinsky
Image Credit: ersumitkjha

3. Lake of Dreams

It' s a spectacular choreographed display of fire, water and light, designed by four-time Emmy award-winner Jeremy Railton. Notably to mention that there's no admission fees and everyone can sit around to enjoy the show at 9.30pm.  There was a mini concert going on after the show as well.

Lake of dreams

4. Casino

Just gained experience in exploring the casino at the age that's legible to enter casino. I was surprised that most thought that I was underage. A good sign :)

My parents and I entered the casino to wander around. I didn't know there were so many different games for gambling such as tai sai (big vs small), blackjack, roulette, money wheel and so on. After a small gamble, we had enjoyed some free flows of coffee, cappuccino and tea. The lights and atmosphere inside the casino could make you forget the reality. 

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