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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Working life at Synovate Malaysia

Hereby, I would like to remark my working life in the territory of mine. With the intention to enhance my English and communicative skills, I had gone to Synovate, Menara IGB; KL ( an international market research company) to work with my friend, Yee Lin from 16th June- 27th Aug2011. The assistant manager is kinda strict, well, I would say that she's a perfectionist who wants everything to be neatly organized. The FEs especially Cik Nurul, Sashi and Mahesh are very friendly and helpful, as well as the colleagues there.

Me, preparing to make phone calls.
The job as a market researcher =)
At first, I was very nervous and had no confidence in making calls. I was slow in interviewing and had bad pronunciation in making certain calls, in which the errors were pointed out by mentor; Cik Nurul and she guided me how to make successful calls. Well, through peers and guidance from the Field Executives, I had gained courages and had been assigned to handle more projects. Well, to my delights, Cik Nurul had congratulated me that I showed more confidence in speaking and had better interviewing and probing skills.

Thanks to yee lin who helped me alot when facing difficulties during work. And yea, without her, May Lai, Uma, Chandrakala, Shazwan and a bunch of funny malay colleagues; my working life will be very dull. We always chat during work, sharing bits of life, and of course, we had been scolded by a fierce FE- Rainnee sometimes. Yet I know this is her responsibility as a supervisor and it was a wonderful working experience.

Yee Lin and I had been meeting up with May Lai on 6th September before we headed back to university. During the morning, we met up at Ying Ker Lou for having brunch together.
 pan mee
Ying Ker Lou Pan Mee which I would thumb up for its taste and nice soup provided!
Drink of the day- Barley Water.
Fantastic delicacy! It's a bowl of dessert made of dragon fruits and glutinous balls.
Price: Reasonable
Ratings of the food: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5
Revisit again: Yes!

Hangout with May Lai and Yee Lin

.... (To be continued)