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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 month holidays

Read back facebook comments then only I noticed the special date 0520..Well, I think that might be a special night yumcha session that I never try before in my life. Today,I listed down a memo about what I would like to improve during this long holidays. First, I will need to learn some soft skills including how to utilize photoshop, sony vegas studio, adobe aftereffects software; and enhance my speaking skills. (someone introduced me a job i.e. surveyor..and I am still unsure should I go for this job)..

Secondly, I am thinking of enhancing my self-confidence and maturity. Uhh.. I just found that I can't control well my emotion where I will just be freaked out of unexpected things. Found a long list of websites that teaching how one's can enhance the maturity:

I like the way it teaches..Yea, I am just myself.. I can't act mature, maturity depends on experience.

Thirdly,I need to learn some sports.. Cycling vs swimming.. I am gonna take the latter one first. =) I am so eager to go to beach, yet the only activity I can do there is just looking at the scene and collect the seashells. Hoping that I can swim next time. At Sabah beach or the upcoming Phuket Island?

I am not perfect, neither u are..
But I am willing to improve myself..
To be a better person..

Forthly, I have broke my promise to join the japanese club and pursue second level of Japanese Language. Now, I think of utilizing the 4 months to have profound understanding in this langauage again.

The previous semester result had been released and I am satisfied with the overall results except for Production and Operation Management. I know I can do better in the final paper, yet unexpectedly I made so many silly mistakes. Huh. Bad~ I shall have quoted " no pain, no gain".. I gained better results this time..

The recent case made me understanding that I should not forget what I had once, appreciate what I couldn't own, do not give up which I think it is belonged to, and learn from the mistakes I have ever made.

- will not be around for a week++.. for Medan Outreach Programme..-
- I'm somehow looking for a place that I can relax..Huh-

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's day contest

I finally back to KL after the hectic exam weeks and malacca trip. Today, went to Selayang Mall's Poh Kong to redeem the prize that I won for Mother's Day Contest "Shining Mums". The terms to join this contest was to share out with a short story and choose gold/diamond/jade or pearl to describe our mothers to win for the best slogan award or best shining smiles. I was one of the winner for the best shining slogan in the contest. The slogan I wrote was as the followings:

'Pearl ‘best represents my mom, because this symbol of unblemished perfection emanates the enchanting beauty and uniquesness of my mom.
Mom, profusely thank you for:

Path of glory that you directed me when I was lost,
Enduring words of encouragement when I faced difficulties,
Aspirations of life you guided me in astonishing proportion,
Rhythm of confidence you built in me to embrace the challenges in life,
Love that you showered me since the day you gave birth to me.

Well, the feeling for winning a prize for mom instead of myself is indescribable using words. I would like to thank Poh Kong profusely for this meaningful contest as I never give my mom the pressie she desires the most, kiss or words that said ' I love u,mom'.. This contest had given me the chance to write some sincere words about my mom, and thank her publicly.

Poh Kong Online Contest

Mom was delighted when she opened the gorgeous present box. She was actually surprised that I won in the contest instead of buying it myself. =P Haha.. it was really great when seeing my mom trying to wear the pearl necklace and she commented that she loves the pearl necklace! Yeah! Nothing is more precious than looking your own parents proud and happy because of you done just a little thing for them.

Here's the necklace given by Poh Kong.. * I love it too..* I am looking forward for the upcoming events from Poh Kong and do hope that Poh Kong will continue organizing such meaningful contests.