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Monday, December 31, 2012

Foods | Touching Moments

Just some home cooked foods by special ones, thanks for prioritizing me .

Monday, December 17, 2012

Gathering and Pre-Christmas Celebration

 I would say that it was a pre-Christmas Celebration as we had a gathering and changing Christmas present at the end of the gathering. Time flied and it came to the final month of the year 2013. The last gathering before each attending the battle of final year project presentation next week and final exams, and yea, before we go back to hometown to have our internship!It was a confused moment as I didn't wish to complete my degree studies that fast as I would miss this bunch of buddies.

The gathering was held at Dong Seoul, Batu Pahat. I was very dissatisfied with the service here as we were served very slow. The staffs were inattentive as we needed to ask them to refill our side dishes for several times. At the end, we were told that we could only refill three side dishes at one time. Huh?! But we requested for several times, why a side dish need to be served after few requests?! A bad experience to dine at there, and I would say Nay for the 2nd visit.

In spite of the dining place, we had our meals. The laughter and chat among more than 30 of us had filled the entire Dong Seoul. 

A surprise was given by my friends and a birthday celebration for those who born in November and December.

Birthday cake
5 of us celebrated together :)

Thanks to these bunch of coursemates!
 Afterwards, our pre-Christmas Celebration commenced. We exchanged gifts by using lucky draw method.
 It had been a very long time since we had such exchanging gift game.

 My pick, a cute sailboat made of  seashells.

Each of us had our lucky gift. =)
Guys and girls, thanks to everyone who make these moments of being gathered together so precious and wonderful!!! ♥
Merry Christmas in advance, peeps! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Seafood @ Sea Terrace Seafood; Malacca's Portuguese Settlement

When talk about Malacca delicacies, most would think of Nadeje crepes, satay celup, nyonya laksa, etc., having seafood excursion at Sea Terrace Seafood; Portuguese Settlement while enjoying the sunset could be a great idea when come to Malacca. It is located in Ujong Pasir, approximately 5km away from the Malacca City. I enjoyed coming to Malacca's Portuguese Settlement 2-3 weeks before Christmas Day as most of the Portuguese' homes had been decorated for Christmas celebration. The drawback of coming here during Christmas season was the heavy traffic and hard to find parking lot.

Okay, coming to the main highlights of the food we had at Sea Terrace Seafood; Malacca's Portuguese Settlement. There're a row of stalls at Malacca's Portuguese Settlement and most of the touts would approach you to recommend their foods. By the way, it was a fallacy to think that Malacca Portuguese Settlement sells Portuguese food because most food patronizers came here for the seafood. You could request for Portuguese cooking method of fish (ikan bakar). J had been an usual food patronizer here and he had directed me to the 1st stall of Sea Terrace Seafood.

Flavorful pineapple fried rice with fluffy eggs,sweet corns, pineapples, meat slices, and cucumber slices

Kangkung Belacan RM6 which had me jaw-dropped when I heard of the price as this would be double price for this large portion of vegetables in K.L.

We were actually opted for crabs, however J was captivated by the fresh horseshoe crab which was just caught by fisherman. I was shocked when horseshoe crab was served as it didn't have the flesh like crabs. Indeed, horseshoe crab was not similar to crab and the look of it laying on its back was quite creepy and scary. The horseshoe crab was grilled and it had no edible parts except the large portions of eggs or roe. 

Horseshoe crab  with the thousands roe in orange colour housing in the bottom of the shell.

I just had tried few of the roe of horseshoe crab and the taste wasn't like the ebiko .
It's tiny fishy creature with starchy, dry texture.
After all, J was the one who finished most of the horseshoe crab's roe.
It was an adventurous experience to finish this horseshoe crab and we would not like to give another try.

Deep-fried squids
The squids were deep-fried till crispy yet not oily, and still retaining the freshness of the squids. 
The crunchiness of these batter deep-fried squids were awesome!

 Joe’s Only One Mango Juice  RM2.50 per cup
A mixture of ripe and raw mangoes with a dried sour plum which was added for little hints of salty flavor. It's definitely a refreshing drink that could made you slurping non-stop.

Portuguese Settlement,
Ujong Pasir,
75050 Melaka

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Geographer Cafe @ Jonker Street; Malacca

Half way down Jonker Street in Melaka, you can find  a famous cafe named Geographer Cafe. It is crowded with people most of the nights. By the way, please do not misjudge that the peoples over there are geographers.It is a cafe with great ambiance located in Jonker Street which you shouldn't miss out.

It is similar to any heritage house or shop-lets that you could see in Penang street.Wooden tables and chairs sit on the wooden floors, while the walls are adorned with all kinds of photos and maps. The old antiques could be seen at any spots in the Geographer Cafe.

The antique lamp which attracted my eyes
Viewing from the staircase and could you spot any handsome waiter? *smirks*
Calsberg, Asahi? Well, you could opt for beers, wines, spirits, cocktails and mocktails over here.
Gallery of Calsberg bottles! Spotted the year 1989! 
Instead of carrying ' Welcome' signboard, it carries the picture of old look of Geographer Cafe.
Geographer Cafe Malacca

Geographer Cafe Malacca
The cozy environment upstairs.
It's 12am hence most customers are invited to be seated at downstairs as they are preparing to close.
Geographer Cafe Malacca

Geographer Cafe Malacca

Geographer Cafe Malacca
Random photos which show the Malacca ambiances and tourist areas.
The photos which show roof of temples and houses in Malacca area.

Geographer Cafe Malacca
A living museum for you to see the old architecture in Malacca particularly Harmony Street temples and Jonker Street from the glorious past till the current ones.

The old antique which shows the revolution of old centuries Geographer Cafe to the present building.
Relaxing while drinking a thirst-quenching mocktails
Lastly, my photo with my drink.
Seated near the window gave me a chance to have exciting look-out for the bustling activities that happened along the busy Jonker Street.

Till, we meet again?!

Short review: I did not taste the foods there except the good beverages. According to most bloggers and even the waiters, Geographer Cafe offers high quality of healthy food without putting 'MSG'. I opine that it is the classiest cafe which I have ever been and I love its vintage atmosphere.