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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Krabi; Thailand- Hong Island by Speed Boat

After a relaxing day in Ao Nang Krabi,we opted for Hong Island after checking the reviews from TripAdvisor. After having experience of getting on long-tail boat to Krabi 4 Islands Hopping Tour, we chose to go to Hong Island via speed boat. From Ao Nang, the journey to the 1st island; Daeng Island was approximately 45 minutes.

Daeng Island;one of the islands which was surrounded by colourful fishes and coral reefs. Daeng Island was also named as red island due to the reddish coloured rocks. Well, I did not go for snorkeling activities this time, but focus on capturing photos. According to my friends who went to snorkeling, the water was quite milky and difficult to view fishes. We stopped by Pak Bia Island; then the next island we touched down was Ladding Island.

Ladding Island

Ladding Island was a suitable place for us to lay down on the crystal clear water. The views were spectacular and the beach was clean white scorching sand. We had our lunch box here to keep our stomach full.

Next, we came to the magnificent view of Hong Lagoon whereby we thought of having kayak activities. However, 4 of us were slightly tired and decided to enjoy the beautiful scenery instead.

The stunning view of lagoon with a hidden chamber accessible through a relatively narrow entrance within two high cliffs

The final stop was at Hong Bay where we had almost 2 hours spending here. After collecting seashells, we laid down at the pristine sandy beach, viewing the blue sky and had our ladies'chat. After sun-bathing, we just sat down at the shallow water, enjoying the little fishes swimming around us.

Compared to the Krabi 4 Islands Hopping Tour, I do find that Hong Islands were still in more pristine condition and I am captivated by the Hong Lagoon view. It would be great if I could have the kayaking experience at Hong Lagoon.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Krabi; Thailand - Lae Lay Grill, Ao Nang

Lae Lay Grill is one of the top notch restaurants in Ao Nang; Krabi. Lae Lay Grill is a restaurant there that offers the extraordinary dining experience with classic, fresh Thailand seafood while enjoying the breathtaking view of sunset. 4 of us had been planned to have dinner at Lae Lay Grill on the 3rd day in Ao Nang and we booked the dining table with the aid of hotel's staffs.

Lae Lay Grill Restaurant is convenient to be reached with the free transportation service to pick you up anywhere from Ao Nang and send you back after the dinner. We were picked up around 5.45pm as we did not want to miss the spectacular view of the sunset. The crowds were bustling and the restaurant was filled with cheers and chats. We took many photos at the stone staircase and at the panoramic terrace before entering the restaurant. 

We were welcomed with opened arms of the staffs into the wooden contemporary styled restaurant which was shrouded with lush greenery and magnificent views of Andaman Sea.The environment was cozy and comfortable with slow soothing contemporary songs being played over the air. 

The sunset had just went off earlier

The menu comprised of both Thai classics and seafood including lobsters, tiger prawns, crabs, fish and lots more.

Stir-fried squids with salted eggs

Tom Yum Goong

A visit to Thailand would be incomplete if you didn’t try the Thailand's famous dish; Tom Yum. Sourish, spicy yet appetizing soup was boiled with kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, the fresh prawns and squids. I would be glad if tom yum soup could be refilled.

Lae Lay Mermaid  
(Poached three kind of seafood and organic vegetable seasoning with delicious Lae Lay’s sauce)

Prawns with Chopped Garlics 


The foods were tasty yet the portion was considered small for four of us. While we were chatting happily, suddenly a crowd of Lae Lay Grill waiters and waitresses came around the table we sat. Two of them were carrying the birthday cakes which bought by my darlings and they sang Happy Birthday Song aloud. I was rather shocked and stunned till the final seconds which my friends reminded me to capture photo of the cakes as the candles were going off soon. 

My 25th birthday celebration

The awkward moment where the strangers surrounded you singing "Birthday Song" aloud 
and you just had to stare on the cake :)

Ao Nang Starbucks red velvet and dark chocolate cake.

Lae Lay Grill staffs were really helpful. According to my friends, they passed the cake to the staff and expected that the candles were lighted on and served to me. However, they had placed on a big plate and added slices of apples and dragon fruit.

Mango sticky rice (Khao Niew Ma Muang) had been ordered as dessert after our scrumptious dinner

If you are looking for an exquisite culinary experience combined with spectacular views over the tranquil Andaman Sea in Ao Nang, Lae Lay Grill is one of the best choices for you to have a memorable dining experience. I am blessed to have my birthday celebration at Lae Lay Grill and profusely thank my friends for the kind thought of celebrating my big day earlier. Also, thank to Lae Lay Grill Restaurant for giving me a pleasant dining experience!

Contact Information:
Lae Lay Grill Spices Seafood
89 Moo3, Ao Nang,
Muang, Krabi 81000
Phone +66(0) 75 661 588
Fax +66(0) 75 661 589
Mobile +66(0) 84 8490001
Open: 11am – 10pm daily

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Krabi; Thailand- 4 Islands Hopping

We kick-started the 2nd day in Krabi with  four islands tour signed up with Krabi Smile which offered cheaper rate. All the island hopping tours are available either in speedboats or long-tail boats, but speedboats' tour rate was at higher side.

Sadly, there was no pork burger during the morning.
In Tut Tut

The full day Krabi four islands tour include visiting Koh Poda, Kokhai (Chicken Island), Koh Tap & Railay bay. Our first stop of this trip was Phra Nang beach which was also named as Railay bay;a peninsular at the bottom of Krabi mainland. The beach here offered some stunning views with limestone majestically out of the center of the bay. Phra Nang beach had some fun activities such as cliff jumping and rock-climbing. My friends and I had been captivated by the nice beach view and obsessed with the photography session. We were given an hour to explore the beach where there were beautiful limestone cliffs surrounding us, however it seem to short period for us to enjoy ourselves here.

long tail boat
Another stretch of beach with lots of long tail boats
The Phra Nang Cave

Gaww... look at the crystal blue water!

The breathtaking view of the sandy beach with crystal blue sea water and blue sky had really made me on cloud nine!

The natural rock formation

Yes! That's me :)

2nd stop: Chicken Island

We had a quick pray at the Phra Nang Cave before rushing to our long tail boat. Chicken Island was the next stop. Here we had snorkeling activity. I wasn't that lucky like in Redang & Perhentian Island where there wasn't any nice guy whom willing to be my snorkeling guide. Lol.  Anyway, the waves were too scary for me and I could just hold tightly to the long tail boat's string to snorkel. I only managed to view some little fish.

Chicken Island

Tup Island was the 3rd island we touched down with growling stomachs. After struggling and fighting with the strong waves, I could feel the emptiness of my stomach. Seriously,I hoped that I could learn swimming and get rid of the aquaphobia.

The simple dish provided by the tour agent.

While waiting for food, let's continue to have photography session.

During low-tide, it was possible to walk over to the joining islands through the sandbar that appeared. This amazing Tup Island had connected three different islands.The sand bank as a separated sea as well known by Krabi local people as “Talayweak” it’s one of “unseen in Thailand”. We had a quick walk to the next stretch of beach to have some photos before going abroad the long-tail boat.

Okay, ignore the fats and focus on my smile!

Poda Island was our final stop for the day and we were exhausted. We had a long waiting time for the rest of 4 missing members before we came to this Island. It was rather annoying and most people had made some noises when they finally appeared. It was almost 45 minutes waiting time and some of the passengers even had the eagerness to stop at Tup Island for longer time since the 4 missing members weren't appear yet.

Poda Island appeared to be more tranquil than the rest of the islands, perhaps it had the wider beach which could accommodate large crowds.

Downside of this tour

Just as with most other tours, there were some negative aspects which I would like to state here.There wasn't a clear introduction given from tour guide from tour guide. I thought the tour guide would briefly introduce the beaches such as the existence of Phra Nang Cave at Phra Nang beach and there was a sand bank at Tup Island which linked another two islands. Apart from that, a clear, loud instruction shall be given to ensure each passenger comes back to the long-tail boat on time. A mere 5-10 minutes to wait for the rest of passengers to abroad the long-tail boat was acceptable but 45 minutes really got me angry. 

If I got to choose over the choice of transportation, I would choose to have private long-tail boat or long-tail boat which accommodates lesser people. The more passengers it accommodates, the more time it takes everybody abroad or come down from the boat.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Krabi; Thailand - Ao Nang Beach and Tanta's Restaurant

Eventually, I had time to browse through my photo albums of Krabi Island tour which I had during last December in year 2014. As the memories were merely fresh, I had jotted down some brief yet precise 5 days 4 nights itinerary here. Krabi Islands Hopping Tour was an impromptu decision after considering December month which was suitable for visiting Thailand Islands due to the nice weather. 

It was about 1 hour flight taken from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi Island and 4 of us had a year didn't meet each other since graduation. We checked in Varendah Hotel. Opposite of Varendah Hotel is an art street which sells lots of art photos.

@ Varendah Hotel
We walked along the Ao Nang Street to the Ao Nang beach nearby. The sunset view was very breathtaking however the beach wasn't clean as my expectation. 

We had been receiving few brochures of massaging packages during our journey back to hotel. We decided to have foot massage after our dinner. Tanta's Restaurant was the venue where we decided to try after seeing the crowds inside the restaurant. Tanta's Restaurant offer large variety of foods from seafoods, Italian pizzas, western steaks and local Thai foods. We opted for the Thai foods.

Pineapple fried rice


Thai Beer

Nice cup isn't it?

Massaman curry; mild Thai curry

Red tomyam soups with seafoods

Yummy padthai with squids

Mango salads

The ladies

The ladies' night did not end after the foot massage session. We had stopped by Wine V Bar & Bistro as Hui En was attracted by the salmons here. The lighting were great and the atmosphere of this restaurant was suitable for us to have some ladies' talk.

The salmons

The shopping hauls on the 1st day touched down Krabi's Ao Nang:

20 Thai Baht