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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Malaysia Islands Escapade- Snorkeling Activities

The trip of Malaysia Islands Escapade would be incomplete if we did not go for snorkeling. As mentioned in earlier blog post, the exciting activity in Perhentian Island was snorkeling activities at Fish Point, Shark Point, Turtle Point and Light House. We had also snorkeled at Marine Park which was near to Pulau Redang Island.

During the snorkeling activity, we were amazed with the sea creatures that swam with us. The pristine clear water had made the fishes clearer in our eye-sights. It was definitely a precious experience snorkeling and having a closer view of exquisite carols and swimming with turtles and different kinds of fish with unfamiliar names. Some were fortunate to see baby sharks, sea cucumbers and etcetera. Below are the captivating photos of underwater world:

The professional look of me when snorkeling 

After-thoughts: A satisfying cuti-cuti Malaysia trip I shall call!The best Malaysia Islands Escapade I had experience with the good friends and we made memories together.I sincerely hoped that I could have wedding photo-shooting under sea water with sea creatures around me one day. :)

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