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Friday, September 21, 2012

Malaysia Islands Escapade- Perhentian Island (Part 1)

When it's getting closer to bid goodbye to each other, the more gathering we have had in order to have more and more memories together. We had chosen to have leisure escapade to three islands i.e. Perhentian Island, Redang Island and Lang Tengah. The trip package was about RM350 per head which inclusive of meals and accommodation (Fauna Beach Chalet, Pulau Perhentian).

The long journey was started with bus which we abroaded at 8pm and it took almost 9 hours to reach Kuala Besut Jetty from Batu Pahat.

We reached Redang Island around 10am and we headed to our photography session after putting our luggage in the resort.

1) Capture the scenery of the picturesque beach and fishermen' boats 

The shimmering sunshine with the coral blue sea with the boat.
So, what are the activities you can do at Perhentian island apart from capturing the breathtaking view of paradise?

2) Lay on the idyllic beach / the hammock

That's what smart guys' choice as this is the leisure trip which he did not bring his book along :)
Just like my friend laid on the white beach, letting the others to have fun playing sands over her.
At the end,a mermaid-looked sand sculpture was spotted at Pulau Perhentian.

3)  Beach games like playing volleyball, crickets, kayak and etcetera.
As you could see from the photo, most foreign tourists had fun playing netball.

4)  Making memories together with the loved ones.

5)  Jumping-shots

Nevertheless, we never forget to leave our footprints by having few jumping shots. Lots attempts had been taken in order to capture the pleasant shots that we jumped together at this paradise.

6) Swimming and water splashes game at Arwana Perhentian Eco Resort 

7) Sunbath and soak in warm sea water; while enjoying the shimmering rays of sunlight

8) Snorkeling
The highlight of this trip was the snorkeling in which we departed from our resort at 2pm. We chose the Short Trip (which was about 3 hours) which included snorkeling points at Fish Point, Shark Point, Turtle Point and Light House. 

For more details of the breath-taking view of underwater world in Perhentian Island, you may click here.

After the abundant activities we had at Perhentian Island, most of us were exhausted. The men went to have a short nap, while the girls having the chit-chat session as well as photography sessions. The dinner was simple yet it was really nice to have nice BBQ dinner while listening to the waves. We had a walk to the long beach in which I found that the beach was much more cleaner. The night clubs were able to be spotted along the long sandy beach and rock musics could be listened, cheering the night of us.

Eventually, I could conclude that the sun gave us absolutely generous amount of vitamin D as most of us with tanned skin colour. The gorgeous paradise Perhentian Island did not disappoint me and I was looking forward for the next Island trips on the next day.

Some things that didn't satisfy me in this Malaysia Islands Escapade:
  1. The accommodation as the washroom is rather old and dirty with lots ants around
  2. I am neither a diver nor swimmer, this made me facing difficulties to snorkel freely.

Click here for the entire travelogue in Malaysia Islands Escapade.

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