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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Malaysia Islands Escapade- Redang Island (Part 2)

Redang Island was on the next list of our Malaysia Islands Escapade.It is similar to the Perhentian Island which is located off the east coast of Malaysia and well-known for its picturesque beach and crystal-clear water. If you have heard or watched 夏日麼麼茶 which included actors and actresses: Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng, you should be familiar with Redang Island.

"Summer Holiday" 夏日麼麼茶 's photo taken from Google Image

Apparently, Redang Island is much pleasant compared to Perhentian Island due to the nice decorative resorts and longer stretch of sandy bay. Could you spot the feet in the crystal clear water shown in below photo? Tiny fish could be seen here, there and everywhere.

Group Photos 

We definitely did not forget to have photos at the place where "Summer Holidays" was filmed.

Various souvenirs could be shopped here and I found that the souvenirs from shops which located at the farer stretch of sandy bay sold at cheaper price. We had thought of purchasing " I love Redang" shirts to wear, however most seller did not want to charge at lower price. The quality of the shirts didn't make it worth to be purchased at RM25.

The guys had their fun moments by carrying their buddy to the sea. Okay, it wasn't that bad as warm waves splashed through the body.

Before we headed to fill the emptiness of our growling stomach, we spotted these benches with funny quotes.

Nah, shark is not scary if you compare to double-faced person XD.

Stay tune for my next Island Escapade at Lang Tengah Island.