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Saturday, September 28, 2013

High Tea @ Just Want Coffee ;Taman Sutera

The convocation was approaching and we were heading to South for getting our convocation robes. It was a great afternoon accompanied with high-tea and gatherings with buddies that have not been met for months. The last visit to Just Want Coffee; The Garden was a pleasant experience, hence we chose to have high-tea session at Just Want Coffee, Taman Sutera.

The nice designed menu.
Cold cappuccino
Rose Latte
Caramel Machiato which tasted good
Matcha Latte
Hot Cappuccino 
Chocolate waffles with ice-cream

The signature tiramisu.

As mentioned in previous post, I prefer the one I had at Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant.

Decent Western foods @ Kensington Western Fusion Restaurant; Malacca

Kensington Western Fusion Restaurant is certainly one of the best Western Foods Restaurant I had gone.
A very nice and calm ambiance provide a fine dining touch. From the given menu,Kensington Western Fusion Restaurant offers a large range of western cuisines ranging from soups, steak (fish, lamb, chicken, beef, salmon), seafoods (especially Canadian-flown fresh oysters), pasta and etcetera.

Most have claimed that this is the best dish in Kensington.
I shall have jotted down the name of this food. Hmm..
Pumpkin soup with oyster

The creamy spaghetti which consists of many seafood, including lala, mussels,squid and prawn. 
The sauce is creamy with a hint of spiciness which makes it saporous.

The platter set which costs around RM 23.90. The set consists of garlic breads, honey chicken wings, mussels topped with tasty, sour ingredients with tabasco and garlic calamari.  I like the Mussels Tomato Salsa very much!

Chicken Veronique with Grape Wine Sauce.
I love the baked potato wedges which is crispy and crunchy.

Short review:

This finest western restaurant offers variety of western fusion food. Although some say that only few selections are nice, yet I am quite impressed with the spaghetti and platter set which comes in large portion.
The price of the foods is affordable and cheaper compared to Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur. The service is much to be improved as most of the customers' drinks arrived after finished dining. In short, I had an exquisite fine dining experience which perfectly matched my mood of the day.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another Japanese Cuisines Dining Choice | Sushi Tei

Midvalley Shopping Mall; Kuala Lumpur is like a Japanese cuisines heaven as having Sushi Zanmai, Sushi King, Hokkaido Ichiba, Sushi Tei, Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant and so forth.Sushi Zanmai used to be Joel and my main choice to dine in apart from Chilis when we hang out at One Utama. So,we opted to dine at Sushi Tei at The Gardens; Mid Valley for today's outing. The word " Sushi" was just like music to my ears as I had been craved for sushi for so long period!

Once seated, I had been picked one of the choices of sushi on the revolving belt while he ordered foods from menu. A big container of pickled ginger was seen on the side of the table.

Softshell crab sushi which had me licking my lips in anticipation! Haha.. I just love crispy stuffs.
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I couldn't recall the name of this plate of sushi, but I could say that it is delicious, delectable and mouthwatering,

Assorted sushi and we definitely did not forget to order salmon sushi. 
Too bad that Chuka Idako- baby octopus wasn't ordered.
Saba Shio which costs about RM13.80.
Grilled mackerel with salt and it is rich with Omega 3.
I came to know that not only sushi on conveyor belts shall be choose when dined at sushi restaurant through Joel.The outer layer of skin fish griller mackerel was found crispy and coated with teriyaki sauce (I thought is was sweet sauce at first).

Grilled Shishamo which was the favorite meal of Joel.
 Ika Geso Tataki (grilled squids) which we found it succulent and yummy!

Overall, we had a very delectable meals at Sushi Tei. Sushi Tei deserves an accolade in which they have a wide range of decent Japanese cuisines with affordable prices and good quality of foods. Furthermore, I personally think that it has more selections appealing to the delight of aficionados of Japanese cuisine at other sushi restaurants by browsing through other bloggers' posts. Price -wise still okay but I dislike much that the green tea is charged although refillable.