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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Million thanks to the Johor local friends otherwise I wouldn't have the chance to visit this nice cafe. This cafe could be one of the good choices to have high-tea at.

Just Want Coffee;The Garden was previously a show house but has been renovated into a cafe by the boss at JP Perdana, Johor Bahru. From the news obtained from my friend, the concept was aimed at attracting visitors regardless weekdays or weekends. Unexpectedly, we got there just few minutes later than the cafe opened on the day, yet we had to queue outside to be served.

While waiting to be seated, my dear buddy and I had gone for some photo-shooting session. Well, why not to capture some string of memories?! :)

Back to the main points of the blog post, let's continue with the review of the foods. We had ordered blueberry cheese cake as I opined that it will not turn out to be a bad decision for ordering this flavour of cheese cake as the first trial in any cafe. The waitresses kept recommending tofu cheese cake, perhaps I shall try it next time.

Ice cappuccino

hot cappucino
 The tiramisu has a layer of ice cream instead of the normal mascarpone cheese layer. The tiramisu seems like have put some red wine as it contains some aroma of red wine. I would prefer it to be in larger size as the price of this tiramisu is quite expensive.Notably to mention that the best Tiramisu I had eaten before is at Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant (p/s: the Tiramisu is in larger size and delicious; costs only RM8.90).

Overall the exterior of the cafe is very big yet the interior is considered packed and less spacious. It could be providing a feel of ' congestion' when the cafe is crowded.  Compared to KL cafe, I would say the price of the food here is considered as reasonable. The coffee (specialty coffee) tastes not bad and tiramisu which is recommended by my friend does not fail my expectation. A suggestion: Have more pastry please.

I would opt for the second one, as the cheese cakes there had lingered in my mind most of the time :)