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Friday, August 9, 2013

Family Trip: Hunting for Joy and Malacca delicacies (Part 2)

A trip to Malacca will not be completed without a meal of chicken rice balls! On the 2nd day of my family trip at Malacca, we had breakfast at a shop near Malacca Pasar. We had to book earlier to avoid disappointment like what had happened yesterday. We ordered 70 rice balls and hainanese chicken apart from a bowl of nyonya laksa to be shared. I would say the laksa is just okay as I still prefer Penang style laksa which is richer with curry paste. Overall, the chicken rice never fail me, but prefer it to be served hot :)

After a hearty breakfast, we had a walk at the Malacca beach. The view from here was not that pleasant as many rubbish left.

The historical heritages were our subsequent destinations. The last time we visited historical heritages at Malacca was during my form 1  and my youngest sis was just aged 7 years old. 

Fort A Famosa

St Paul's Church
Christ Church Malacca which has built since 1753.

Tan Beng Swee Clocktower

Family Photo :)
After visiting historical heritages, we headed to our lunch before we went back to K.L. The experience of stuck in heavy traffic had us decided to leave Malacca earlier than our plan. Pork Satay as our 'dessert' before lunch as we expected that we might need to wait for a long time for foods to be served later.The shop was located near to the Jonker Street.

The satays were served once we were seated and the staffs refilled the satay once we finished the satays. It was a value-added service, but the portion of satay meat is abit too less. However, the pork satay were really delicious!

The final spot in Malacca before we headed back to K.L. was Baba and Nyonya food. Applauds given to Joel as tourist guide who brought us to this place. I think only few locals here know where is the best to find Baba and Nyonya food in Malacca. It was located near Klebang ( sad that Klebang coconut milkshake was not opened that day). 

We were shocked to see many big cars parked around this old shop. It is obvious that the place is famous of its nyonya food otherwise I think rich people would dine at restaurants or hotels. (Perhaps that's my fallacy to think of rich people never dine at mamak style place). Nasi lemak, ikan cencaru sambal, sambal prawns or sotongs, and kangkung sambal are the main delicacies here apart from its famous mango juice. Every dish was scrumptious although each considered as simple dish. This place is definitely worth to be visited again!

The trip ended at 2pm and we rushed back to K.L. as we could see more and more heavy traffic problems occurred at the town. It was a nice family trip and there were foods pending to be tasted such as ikan bakar @ Portuguese Settlement, nyonya laksa, Klebang coconut milk shake and nyonya kuih muih. 

Thanks to Joel's mom who bought Nyonya dumpling for us. Again, it was the first time for us to taste Nyonya dumpling. It was different compared to the Chinese style, whereby its filling consists of dried shrimp, mushroom and pork cooked with sambal and Nyonya spices. The taste was very different but I would show a thumb up! 

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