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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moral Studies, Thesis and Exhibition

The moral studies that we studied throughout the year had made me having a great exposure on many fields.Hmm..it may leave kinda bittersweet memories for me..erm..no, my Group H.We had a bitter pill to swallow when found out that our class leader and his group members had covered the important information regarding our blackboard discussion from most of us.The only avenue we had was discussing with the lecturer and got the correct way to orchestrate our project.After all, we could realized and understood more about the despicable behavior of those people.Disappointment!!! Yet,we had no much time left to orchestrate the thesis and our exhibition.

As a leader, I knew I had the fault that I didn't approach the lecturer to get the 1st direct information as all of us were too dependent on the class leader.With unremitting efforts,my group members and I had sacrifices our time to complete the tasks( blackboard discussions, posters , thesis and the exhibition preparation.)I still remembered the organizational charts of our group : me as the leader with the assistance of secretary: wei sheng and his assistant i.e. Hui En, mun fai as the error checker, ying sherng as the presentation editor ,soon le and siew chen as the commitees too...Hmm..it was not like a piece of cake to be the leader as all of us like to chat during discussions and sometimes we were at loggerheads with the ideas or ways to complete our community service project i.e 3R Programme.

We had gone to the Islamic Centre to have an interview with Prof Madya( main interviewer was Wei Sheng) regarding his opinion about our project.I gotta took the chance to thank Hui En profusely for helping me alot when completing the thesis at the eleventh hour.The moment that Hui En, Siew Chen and I walked from hostel to the thesis shop for thesis-binding and from thesis shop to the university at night (I guessed the journey had 3km) etched in mind.I didn't ask for their accompanies although I wanted them to because the willingness should be generated by one's willingness but not by forcing it down one's throat.I felt touched when they did so.Eventually, the thesis was orchestrated,leaving our moral exhibition's preparation undone.We had only 3days to prepare for the exhibition.

Upon all's agreements, Soon Le will be the presentor of our group during the moral exhibition.The attribution from Ying Sherng was the great video and nice presentation about our community service project and I guessed all these will enhance the performance of our group.We designed our poster in a day...erm..mostly was the contribution of Mun Fai and Hui En.

The important day- Moral Exhibition and after all, everything about Moral Studies will be ended. ( 28th October 2009)

( Our poster, the costly thesis, and the innovative+ creative stuffs that created by our group)

( My creation= robot and siew chen's i.e. the pencil cone)

( Can see the words that formed by the paper cranes ? It's GO FOR GREEN)

( Group H with the honourable lecturer who gave us lots of guidance in doing the project)

( The 4 funny guys...)

( Group H.. Great liason between us!!!)

Together Everyone Accomplishes More

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Skudai Trip (2)

Skudai Trip (2) - Visit to OLD FOLKS HOME

According to Wikipedia,senior citizen is a common polite designation for an elderly person in both UK and US English, and it implies or means that the person is retired.In this rat-race society, many people are zealous of working hard to earn more incomes.As the busy has no time for tears,some irresponsible and heartless people had sent their old parents to Old Folks Home.The comma, like all symbols in the world, holds profound meaning for many people.Old Folks Home - there, a place that becomes the new home for those senior citizens who are left by their children.

On 10th October 2009, my friends ( Group K) had been orchestrated their comunity service project to an old folks home at Skudai. Hui En, Siew Chen and I followed them to give some contribution- help taking photos apart from visiting~~. We spent our morning for singk, then we went to the main destination. "Most of the residents in the old folks home are single,do not have relatives and some even have sickness such as Parkinson".. We were received with opened arms by the commitee of the old folks home, and a sexagenarian had attracted me by her act of showing off her red-painted nails. Well, I felt sorry of her as she seemed to be had a degenerative disorder or maybe mental illness.

While taking photos, we had approached some residents to have a cozy chat. Hmm.. there's an old woman been sent to the old folks home by their children from sarawak. Hui En and I had been chatted with a woman whose aged 55++ and from Johor. According to her, her daughter works at Singapore and lack of time to take of her so she is being sent to there.Although she said that she didn't mind being sent to there as her daughter was busy working, yet I can see her writhed with sadness. The woman who was next bed to her was always had her one-man-show as most of the others said that she didn't want to fraternize with the others.hAIz...

I had a hard time to face those old people/ listen to their sad stories( how they were dumped by their children). Tears almost rolled down my cheeks when saw some of the old folks contorted with pain due to their sickness such as Parkinson and apoplexy(stroke). Before leaving, we donated and gave cranes and biscuits to the old folks as souvenirs.

It's a good thing to learn cautions from the misfortunes of the others. It's a veracity to say that we shouldn't leave our parents aside or send them to old folks home as they had been taking care of us ( feotus> kid> child>adult...). They had been sacrificed time, money and given us love apart from satisfying our basic needs i.e. food,shelter and clothings too.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Trip to Skudai (1)

A Trip to Skudai (1) 10th October 2009

At 9am, all of us (Mei Yean, Pui Mun, Mu Xing, Chia Pei, Kiwi, Hui En, Siew Chen and I were rendezvous waiting for the bus to start our journey from Parit Raja to Skudai. My roommate, Hui En played her role as a host of Skudai by bringing us to go to sing karaoke and visit Old Folks Home. Oh yea, thanks to her as we had eaten a delicious lunch at 八里路卤鸭.NICE!!!

Here, let me share the sweetness of the trip 1st.. with the latter will be about Old Folks Home.

Sing karaoke session

~ siew chen and chia pei

~ kiwi, me as the invader and hui en

~ hui en~

~ me^^~

At Old Folks Home

( will be explained in the Skudai Trip 2)

At Sutra Mall

We had our dinner at Greenland Restaurant before heading back to our hostel. Apart from that, upon the idea of Chia Pei, we had taken loads of photos to trigger memories in future.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival 03/10/2009

Mid-Autumn Festival 03/10/2009 It was the 1st time that I celebrated Mid-autumn Festival without being with my family. Of course, I hoped I had celebrated it with my family-drink tea, enjoy the scenery of the moon in my hse's car porch, eat mom's handbaked mooncakes together...Anyway,I had celebrated it with my fellow friends in UTHM and it was fun and enjoyful! We had planned the programme since last 2 weeks and hui en had bought lanterns during the holidays.It was lcuky that the rain had stopped about 8.30pm on that particular day so that we were able to organize this programme sucessfully. the candid photo (above)...LOOK! Those who missed the chance to have fun with us sure will feel regret !!!

*More photos are available in my facebook~~

Last but not least, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Here's a poem on home and Moon

The Yo-Mei Mountain Moonby Li Bai
The autumn moon is half round above the Yo-mei Mountain;
The pale light falls in and flows with the water of the Ping-chiang River.
Tonight I leave Ching-chi of limpid stream for the three Canyons.
And glide down past Yu-chow, thinking of you whom I can not see.