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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kukup Island 2D1N Trip (Part 2)

On the 2nd day of our Kukup 2D1N trip, we had a simple breakfast and we began our journey to mangrove forests at Kukup Island. A brief description about the Kukup Island: Kukup Island is an island entirely covered by mangrove forest and surrounded by mudflats - the mudflats extend up to a few kilometers on the West and Northwest of the island. 

Departed from Kukup Island Jetty...

pulau kukup johor

The destination: Taman Negara Johor Pulau Kukup. The entrance fees for us (students) were RM 3 per headcount. Before entering Taman Negara Johor Pulau Kukup, we had taken a group photo. 

The 1st stop was the suspension bridge which was about 10 - 15 meter height. The fear of height might cause you trembled when passing through the suspension bridge.

The stretch after the Suspension Bridge...

changes in self
We cannot change others, but when we change ourselves, we may end up changing the world
mangrove forests malaysia
You learn that if you sit in the woods and wait, something happens.

Hmm.. crocodile will appear?! LOL

kukup island
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Finally, we reached the observation tower. Huh.. felt so tired after a long walk.

 That's a signboard showing your achievement after a long walk to the top level of the observation tower.
 At Level 5 of the observation tower
 Nice view from the observation tower. 

Some photo-shooting sessions held here:

All of us who make this trip a success!

The girls

 The males

Hmm.. we did not stop by the mangrove forests for a long time.We headed to kelong after that. The fishermen were very nice and introduced us some fish that we rarely seen.

Before bidding goodbyes, we went to a seafood restaurant to have our delicious lunch! The hearty meal after all at Kukup Island. The fish and crabs were succulent. 

That's the end of our Kukup 2D1N trip!
That's a good yet short getaway!
The price for the trip (RM100 exclusive bus ticket back to Batu Pahat) was worth for both foods and accommodation at Kukup Island.

The memories etched forever...
in heart and mind~

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Kukup Island 2D1N Trip (Part 1)

Kukup 2D1N Trip (26th -27th April 2012)

A course trip is often difficult to be organized as the more people you have, the more opinions and ideas contributed by others. Million thanks to few Malacca and Johor friends who collaborated to organize this trip!The agenda for this Kukup 2D1N trip was gathering for course mates for the very 1st time in terms of course trip and birthday celebration for April babies!

On 26th April 2012, we departed from KFC; Batu Pahat to Kukup Island in the serene morning. The weather was very hot!This was the 2nd time I visited fishing village island with the 1st time was in Ketam Island (Pulau Ketam). My roomie kept reminded me not to imagine the place was nice and beautiful as it was a fishing village and fishy smell can be sniffed once stepped into the island. The boat was readied once we reached the jetty.

Pictures explain clearly about how the fishing village in this Kukup Island looks like. Many chalets and houses are used as home-stays for outsiders or tourists for different purposes such as fishing activities, getaways, gathering, food-testing,play mahjong and etcetera. Our chalet has singk facilities too. After putting down our luggage,we started to have our own leisure activities. Some sang karaoke, some started playing mahjong while my friends and I walked around the chalet.

fishing village malaysia

fishing village malaysia
From our chalet, we can have the view of entire mangrove forests and fishing villages.

fishing village malaysia
Posing 1,2,3

The best thing for this Kukup 2D1N trip was foods were included in our packages, so we just needed to wait for foods to be cooked and delivered to us. The lunch of the day included curry chicken and mee hoon.

Next, we went to have a walk around the chalet after finishing our lunch and a short period of karaoke session. We wanted to eat some shaved ice to reduce the body heat during this hot weather. We came to a small 'cafe' named 夏日冰的屋 which was located among the shops outside of our chalet.

Let's have a peep on the shop's menu

Our picks: 

ABC ice
The common pick for us: ABC ice

If not mistaken, passion fruit ice

sea coconut ice, slurrppp!

chocolate ice

mango ice malaysia
mango ice

rojak @ Kukup Island... Very nice!

The desserts

After having the desserts, we went back to rest because most of us couldn't stand the hot weather. It's best that we hibernated in the chalet till evening. We were surprised when we reached chalet. What's waiting for us?! The tea-time! Crunchy prawns crackers and green bean soup! Ohh... how could I not getting fat?! Hmm..


The continuing session were playing mahjong, singing karaoke and chit-chatting. My favourite session would be taking photographs around the chalet. The chalet owner had told us to walk around the Kukup fishing village as dinner would be at 8pm.

johor trip
The sky were blue and we had no monday blue too. XD
The view from our chalet was unprecedented and very attractive!

Enjoyed the evening scene with relaxed mood

fishing village johor
BPB Course Trip @ Kukup Island

As shown in the signboard behind us, there are mangrove floating chalet. 

We liked the surrounding of this fishing village, it is like a tranquil island and everything is simple! 
Good memories will stay in our heart!

With my cute buddy

kukup johor
The sunset at Kukup Island (Photo credited to Venus)

At night, we had our succulent meals included satays, ikan bakar, prawns, various types of BBQ fish balls, otak-otak and etcetera. The portion was just nice for us and regretted for not asking for more. I wondered if the food was enough for the guys. The most delicious among the foods would be otak-otak which was made by villagers over here.

During the night, we had our celebration with 4 of our friends i.e. April babies! We had Hobson's choice to buy ogura cake from Family Bakery Batu Pahat so that it will not melt.

ogura cake

childhood fun
 Is anyone still remembering this childhood game? 

We ended the night with blowing bubbles, singing karaoke and playing mahjong. The night was full of laughter. The reason was simple i.e. a night with no homework or assignments.

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