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Monday, April 9, 2012

Luxury Dreams

I had always thought of owning a digital camera or DSLR. Occasionally, I am asked about what camera I actually wanted to purchase, and yet I really hard to make a decision.The follow up question will always be “I want to get a camera but not sure what I should get. Any suggestions?” Most of my friends just asked me to get myself a DSLR.In fact, I do like DSLR, but I still prefer a small-sized digital camera which I can put inside my pocket and I feel more secure with it compared to DSLR. So – with that as preamble, I had decided to purchase Nikon P310 as my first choice of digital camera. The second choice of digital camera would be canon s100.

nikon coolpix P310

canon S100

Nikon coolpix P310 in white is definitely attracted my attention towards it! Haha, I love it at the first sight! The drawback of this design will be the lens are in black color.Huh! Well, hopefully by the end of this year, I able to own a digital camera! huh.. luxury dreams?!hmm