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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Random Rhythms in Minds

If it is important, you will find a way...
If it is unimportant, you might just have tons of excuses for it.
Memories warm you up from the inside, but they also tear you apart- Quoted from Haruki Murakami
Memories that haunts me recently had contributed this post of galleries.
Sometimes, people are just meant to be passenger in your life.
They walk in and walk out, only few would seize the chance to be by your side.
Some are just need to be placed deeply in the bottom of your heart.
Your heart | mind knows they have existed for the particular reasons | moments.
The journey of thousand miles begins from each step that you move forward. It takes courage.
Source of image: www.glogster.com
Appreciate you loved ones because you never know when would be the last goodbye is.

The moments that you have, had and couldn't have - Treasure and cherish them.
Life is like a cup of bittersweet coffee.
Good words from Forbes.com: Just like coffee, you can have a bad batch or botch up the calibration on the grind. Life has bumps, but moving towards financial satisfaction and happiness is like brewing the perfect cup. It’s a series of steps that help you achieve your most cherished outcomes. Begin with your destination firmly in mind, get help where it falls outside of your real knowledge (or interest), and strive to enjoy your journey. It’s worth every sip.

What makes you feel happier than seeing the smile from the loved ones?
Their smiles worth everything :)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Tinge of Sweetness for Sprinkles of Sadness

If you look for a dose of sweetness to overcome the sorrows deeply embedded in your heart, you shall go to have desserts which are the best medicine for your heart and soul. The entourage of bloggers had blogged about the best cendols they have had in Malacca which was located at Bukit Rambai; Malacca. 

Spotted the long queue while I was seated silently awaiting for my bowl of cendols.
A big sign " Aunty Koh Cendol Melaka Best Cendol" is hung outside the fence.
The stall was an attap house residing next to a bungalow house.
Aunty Koh was the only one who prepared the ingredients till served each bowls of cendols or taibak.
It's unlike other cendols stall which might have few hired waiters or waitresses.
From my sight, I could see that she placed two- three spoonful of green cendols to each bowl.
Each customer is disciplined for self-serving from having the bowl of cendols, putting the money into the drawer and washing the bowl after eating.

The perfect ratio of coconut milk and gula Melaka makes it not too sweet. The distinctive taste of Gula Melaka matched with substantial coconut milk and the green starch noodles which were redolent of pandan leaves extract- perfect cendols.

The other tinge of sweetness was tai bak which was similar like cendol that I had at a stall near Jalan Tengkera. Aunty Koh Best Cendol Malacca has taibak as well, yet he informed that the authentic one is at Jalan Tengkera. A refreshing Nyonya dessert that's different compared to cendol that I had eaten earlier. It was served with shaved ice and only pandan infused syrup, topped with shredded pink and white cendols; and black grass jelly cubes. The feeling was great by quenching your thirst with the subtle sweet and refreshing tai bak.

The fried foods like fried banana (pisang goreng), fried cempedak, fried keledek and other snacks are able to be found here.
Last but not least, a chocolate for the sprinkles of sadness.
Would you think the same? 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ban Lee Sang Mee @ Taman Ehsan, Kepong

Among my family members, my mom used to have fussier taste buds and most of the time she doesn't satisfied with the foods. Restoran Woo Ng Kee at Taman Ehsan Kepong is one of the reputable restaurant which my family used to go. After living in this area for so long period, I supposed this was the first time that my mom chose to try new food at this housing area.The shop was easily spotted as it is opposite of S.M.K Taman Ehsan. The crowds had made this shop becoming more obvious to be seen. It was crowded with the residents here when my mom and I stepped in the shop.

ehsan nice food
Well, looking at the bowls of bean curd skins (腐竹) and we could easily know that the food quality will not be bad. Oh yea, if you dislike sang mee, then I guess you have to search other dining place as the shop has sang mee only.
ehsan nice food
My mom had ordered soup with springy noodles. 
It looked like very soft as soaked in the clear soup, however, it remained springy and crumble.
Mine with the dry noodles which come along with clear soup.
The noodles always taste fresh and delectable, and not soggy and somehow chewy enough.
Bounce is only found in handmade noodles!
kepong nice food
The closer look of the noodles with minced pork.
The portion of noodles is quite big and can be shared by two person.
Generous portion of bean curd skins which is around 5 pieces, two meat pastes and one pork meatball.
ehsan nice food

An enjoyable brunch that I had with my mom as she kept praising the noodles was scrumptious (almost each spoonful of it) and we even asked for details when the shop owner rests and what are other choices of sang mee. Moreover, the price of the delicious noodles is affordable which was around RM12.50 with the above orders plus one big glass of coffee.

So, the details:

Choices of sang mee: Dry, soup and curry
The closure of the shop: Alternate Sunday and certain Public Holidays.

I just thought of continuing the post with my manicure art. 
The reason was simple, as it was the first time I finally managed to draw or add something to my nails after several attempts.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Things That Rhyme with Life- Family, Friends, Relationship and Work

Have you ever wondered how you defined the essential things of your life? Below are my definitions of few important things in my life. 

what family means to you?

Family is endless love stories. The words itself representing “Father and Mother, I love you!". Family is the best gift that has awarded to my life. Family- the strongest bond which link me to you...
what is relationship?

So, how I define relationship? I opine that a relationship is respecting the differences of each other.Despite of gender difference, I am meaning the difference of behaviors, attitudes and hobbies. Secondly, equal balance of commitments for each other would be good as couples should give and take. If one party keeps putting efforts while another receiving party does not show the same, I don't think a relationship will last long. 

Next, a relationship is about learning to complement each other. Complement and compromise are essential in relationships as these make both need each other. Apart from appreciating the similarities, I opine that relationship is also about the happiness of the party is essential to my own. A healthy affair or relationship shall make both happy. The imperfections of which shall be accepted as we shall understand that nobody is perfect. Again, it is impossible to have no arguments or misunderstandings, however, it doesn't mean that you shall leave each other after the quarrels. Besides that, most of the marriage vows would have " I will hold you for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer...., to love and to cherish, till death do us part, and hereto I pledge you my faithfulness." This shows that a relationship is about never give up each other in any circumstances.

Two persons able to come to be in the same boat named "Relationship" by sharing the same feelings for each other. Relationship is not only about love, but also about having trust, loyalty and being supportive to the loved one. The distance might be a temporary hindrance, yet communications, commitments and sharings shall be long-lasting to produce a good ending. Last but not least, relationship is about the people that you want to be in life.

Sometimes, I need someone that can let me cry in his hug, instead of on the bed.
There are many categories of friends, ranging from hi-bye friends, contact friends, common friends, close friends and true friends. For me, true friend is the one who can listen to my repeated stories and all kinds of nags and dramas. While others are treating you as a bull-shit, he or she will still stand by you. Nah.. a true friend has to accept the imperfections of me. When you are at your peak of achievements, the true buddy will cheer for you sharing the glory. For me, a true friend shall forgive the mistakes and accept the ugliest side in front of him or her. Hmm.. did you tried wearing pyjamas or not bathe for few days in front of your friends? Did they point out you are smelly yet still willing to be at your side? Succinctly stated, a true friend is someone who gives me dozes of happiness and able to shine like a star.
childhood life
What's your childhood life about? Mine is full of tears, candies, sleeps, games and etcetera. Being the first kid of my family, I am always proud to say that I am the first gift for parents' happiness. Okay, I am not sure how much headaches I have provided them when I grow up. The big thing I did in my childhood life is dreaming to be an adult and have various ambitious dreams like being doctor, scientist to save the world and so on.
university life
My primary school and secondary school life are basically linked with books and exams. Hence, I am more interested with explanation of my university life. My university life is about puppy love (smirks), food tours, social life accompanied with movies and travels, last-minutes studies, late night sleeps  and naps during day time, class cancellations which had us in cloud nine, declaration of honeymoon whenever examinations finish and etcetera. My university life ends and follows by the tiring work-life.

8 C's of working life
What is your working life about? The 8 C's of my working life:
  • Car in which that I stuck in before and after working.
  • Caffeine obsession. - My dating with coffee during tiring days-
  • Clock-in early and clock-out at late hours with most works are ranked as URGENT work.
  • Career is the name for work.
  • Cash is the reason that I am working.
  • Call for new opportunities to enhance myself. So, boss, any new opportunities or chances for me to develop?
  • Criticism or scoldings which come from superiors, colleagues and customers occasionally. (Okay, they never know spoken words are like sharp knives, causing me bad moods.)
  • Climb the ladder of career

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Penang Delicacies Trail @Macalister Lane; Penang

The Penang delicacies that my aunts had kept recommended was Char Koay Kak by Eoh’s sisters at Seow Fong Lye Cafe; Macalister Lane.  According to them, my dad and them used to have char koay kak during their early 20s and it is one of the best local delicacies they used to eat. The stall which was located at Macalister Lane was run by the Eoh sisters for nearly 40 years.

Okay, so what’s char koay kak? In case you don’t understand Hokkien language, it refers to fried radish cake. The raddish cake or carrot cake is made of rice and corn flour, basically tasteless and being flavorful after cooking with seasoning, egg, bean sprouts, chai poh (菜圃), dark soya sauce and chili. Despite being soft and silky smooth in texture, it’s somehow tasted like char koay teow except that it has no cockles and prawns.

The next scrumptious food you could have at Seow Fong Lye Cafe is the Penang style Chee Cheong Fun. It is not hard to spot this stall as you could see a long queue most of the time. The name of the hawker is Lim Mei Fong if I wasn't mistaken. She put a spoonful of sweet and slightly spicy shrimp paste dazzling over the rice rolls after pouring a dash of sesame seeds and chili paste.
The sauce was so pungent that its aroma flew into my nostrils.
Just a simple dish yet it made remembrance after eating. 

Kim Lee Coffee Shop which is just few shops after Seow Fong Lye Cafe has the famous kuay teow teng which I love it very much! The silky smooth, thin and flat rice noodles garnished with sliced duck meats, fish balls, fried crispy onions and chopped scallions.The nourished full-bodied soup must have been boiled for hours as it is so flavorsome. From the hawker's hunched back, it is obviously to see how much efforts and hard work he has been succeeding the stall. The stall's name is Ah Hai Koay Teow Teng.

Hokkien Prawn Mee that doesn't fail my dad's expectancy! As you can see from the photo, a bowl of hokkien mee which is rich with ingredients i.e. prawns, slices of pork meat, bean sprouts, egg and regular portion of noodles. The soup stock here is rich and made from pork ribs and prawn heads. It may not be the best of Hokkien noodles we had eaten, yet it's definitely one of the good ones!
Nevertheless, Char Koay Teow with large prawns are relatively commonly found in many places in Penang. The char koay teow at Macalister Lane; Penang is also worth trying. I shall say any char koay teow in Penang is much tastier than in Kuala Lumpur due to "wok hei"

Last but not least, the mummy otak-otak in Penang is definitely savoring! We came across this woman who named herself as Madam Fang and her otak-otak is the best in town.Well, why not try one?! It has substantial pieces of fish and some leaves which my aunts said that those are daun pulut,daun kaduk or peppermint leaves, lengkuas, shallots, lemongrass, chilies and coconut milk. The nice aroma of otak-otak could be smelled once unwrapping the banana leaves of otak-otak.

At the end, we ate without taking a photo and regretted over it. Before leaving Macalister Lane, we requested her to provide a name card so that we could visit the stall again. She provided the small piece of paper as per below:

A quick recap of the famous food you could have dined at @Macalister Lane; Penang:
  1. Char Koay Kak by Eoh’s sisters
  2. Chee Cheong Fun by Mdm. Lim Mei Fong
  3. Kim Lee Coffee Shop's Kuay Teow Teng
  4. Hokkien Prawn Mee
  5. Char Koay Teow
  6. Mummy Otak-otak
~The end~

Penang Delicacies @ Chew Jetty Penang Chiak;Kepong

The recent opened shop i.e Chew Jetty Penang Chiak in Kepong had granted us another choice of having breakfast during Sunday's morning. We used to dine at 999 Coffee Shop; Aman Puri due to its famous curry noodles there. However, the stall owner has moved since three months ago. According to the next stall in 999 Coffee Shop, the hawker said that this Penang delicacies stall had moved to the shop-lets nearby.

It’s rare to find original Penang white curry noodles, prawn noodles or lor mee in the Klang Valley. Moreover, it is even harder to find penang delicacies which are cooked by Penang hawkers which remain the authentic taste of foods. My dad is a Penangite, and frankly our family have fussier taste buds than most of our peers over Penang delicacies. 

Coincidentally, we found this newly opened shop which sold Penang delicacies i.e. Chew Jetty Penang Chiak with a big signboard mentioning its famous white curry noodles. Our intuition had told me that this shop's owner is the one we are looking for... its white curry noodles!

The ambiance of Chew Jetty Penang Chiak is like fisherman's house. Perhaps they want to correlate the design of the shop with the shop's name.

Penang Chee Cheong Fun
Well, it spoiled my expectancy as I expected it to be served warm and with more fried spring onions.
The famous white curry noodles with cuttlefish, cockles,tofu puffs, pork blood.

Extremely delicious!

Prawn noodles/ Hokkien mee
The another signature noodles from Chew Jetty Penang Chiak.
It reminded of the famous mee goreng at Siam Road Penang.
Well, this was still quite satisfying meal for us.

Finally, we spotted the chef.
We can conclude that we found the stall of penang curry noodles that we used to eat!

The menu with increased range of foods was provided during last visit in May 2017
Foods- Penang curry noodles are remained scrumptious. My mom who used to eat their prawn noodles (Penang Hokkien mee) commented that the prawns are not that fresh and the regular portion is with lesser prawn fritters. Hopefully the quality of food will be enhanced.

We shall try the Asam Laksa, Jawa Mee (promosing taste as I ate before) and Loh Mee next time. The mee goreng looked promosing too. 

Price- Most of the foods here are priced at RM8.50 with large portion. 

Ambiance- Nice and suitable for family dining.

Service-Service is brisk and food are arrived swiftly. FREE WIFI is also available.