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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ban Lee Sang Mee @ Taman Ehsan, Kepong

Among my family members, my mom used to have fussier taste buds and most of the time she doesn't satisfied with the foods. Restoran Woo Ng Kee at Taman Ehsan Kepong is one of the reputable restaurant which my family used to go. After living in this area for so long period, I supposed this was the first time that my mom chose to try new food at this housing area.The shop was easily spotted as it is opposite of S.M.K Taman Ehsan. The crowds had made this shop becoming more obvious to be seen. It was crowded with the residents here when my mom and I stepped in the shop.

ehsan nice food
Well, looking at the bowls of bean curd skins (腐竹) and we could easily know that the food quality will not be bad. Oh yea, if you dislike sang mee, then I guess you have to search other dining place as the shop has sang mee only.
ehsan nice food
My mom had ordered soup with springy noodles. 
It looked like very soft as soaked in the clear soup, however, it remained springy and crumble.
Mine with the dry noodles which come along with clear soup.
The noodles always taste fresh and delectable, and not soggy and somehow chewy enough.
Bounce is only found in handmade noodles!
kepong nice food
The closer look of the noodles with minced pork.
The portion of noodles is quite big and can be shared by two person.
Generous portion of bean curd skins which is around 5 pieces, two meat pastes and one pork meatball.
ehsan nice food

An enjoyable brunch that I had with my mom as she kept praising the noodles was scrumptious (almost each spoonful of it) and we even asked for details when the shop owner rests and what are other choices of sang mee. Moreover, the price of the delicious noodles is affordable which was around RM12.50 with the above orders plus one big glass of coffee.

So, the details:

Choices of sang mee: Dry, soup and curry
The closure of the shop: Alternate Sunday and certain Public Holidays.

I just thought of continuing the post with my manicure art. 
The reason was simple, as it was the first time I finally managed to draw or add something to my nails after several attempts.

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