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Monday, July 14, 2014

Things That Rhyme with Life- Family, Friends, Relationship and Work

Have you ever wondered how you defined the essential things of your life? Below are my definitions of few important things in my life. 

what family means to you?

Family is endless love stories. The words itself representing “Father and Mother, I love you!". Family is the best gift that has awarded to my life. Family- the strongest bond which link me to you...
what is relationship?

So, how I define relationship? I opine that a relationship is respecting the differences of each other.Despite of gender difference, I am meaning the difference of behaviors, attitudes and hobbies. Secondly, equal balance of commitments for each other would be good as couples should give and take. If one party keeps putting efforts while another receiving party does not show the same, I don't think a relationship will last long. 

Next, a relationship is about learning to complement each other. Complement and compromise are essential in relationships as these make both need each other. Apart from appreciating the similarities, I opine that relationship is also about the happiness of the party is essential to my own. A healthy affair or relationship shall make both happy. The imperfections of which shall be accepted as we shall understand that nobody is perfect. Again, it is impossible to have no arguments or misunderstandings, however, it doesn't mean that you shall leave each other after the quarrels. Besides that, most of the marriage vows would have " I will hold you for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer...., to love and to cherish, till death do us part, and hereto I pledge you my faithfulness." This shows that a relationship is about never give up each other in any circumstances.

Two persons able to come to be in the same boat named "Relationship" by sharing the same feelings for each other. Relationship is not only about love, but also about having trust, loyalty and being supportive to the loved one. The distance might be a temporary hindrance, yet communications, commitments and sharings shall be long-lasting to produce a good ending. Last but not least, relationship is about the people that you want to be in life.

Sometimes, I need someone that can let me cry in his hug, instead of on the bed.
There are many categories of friends, ranging from hi-bye friends, contact friends, common friends, close friends and true friends. For me, true friend is the one who can listen to my repeated stories and all kinds of nags and dramas. While others are treating you as a bull-shit, he or she will still stand by you. Nah.. a true friend has to accept the imperfections of me. When you are at your peak of achievements, the true buddy will cheer for you sharing the glory. For me, a true friend shall forgive the mistakes and accept the ugliest side in front of him or her. Hmm.. did you tried wearing pyjamas or not bathe for few days in front of your friends? Did they point out you are smelly yet still willing to be at your side? Succinctly stated, a true friend is someone who gives me dozes of happiness and able to shine like a star.
childhood life
What's your childhood life about? Mine is full of tears, candies, sleeps, games and etcetera. Being the first kid of my family, I am always proud to say that I am the first gift for parents' happiness. Okay, I am not sure how much headaches I have provided them when I grow up. The big thing I did in my childhood life is dreaming to be an adult and have various ambitious dreams like being doctor, scientist to save the world and so on.
university life
My primary school and secondary school life are basically linked with books and exams. Hence, I am more interested with explanation of my university life. My university life is about puppy love (smirks), food tours, social life accompanied with movies and travels, last-minutes studies, late night sleeps  and naps during day time, class cancellations which had us in cloud nine, declaration of honeymoon whenever examinations finish and etcetera. My university life ends and follows by the tiring work-life.

8 C's of working life
What is your working life about? The 8 C's of my working life:
  • Car in which that I stuck in before and after working.
  • Caffeine obsession. - My dating with coffee during tiring days-
  • Clock-in early and clock-out at late hours with most works are ranked as URGENT work.
  • Career is the name for work.
  • Cash is the reason that I am working.
  • Call for new opportunities to enhance myself. So, boss, any new opportunities or chances for me to develop?
  • Criticism or scoldings which come from superiors, colleagues and customers occasionally. (Okay, they never know spoken words are like sharp knives, causing me bad moods.)
  • Climb the ladder of career

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