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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Penang Delicacies @ Chew Jetty Penang Chiak;Kepong

The recent opened shop i.e Chew Jetty Penang Chiak in Kepong had granted us another choice of having breakfast during Sunday's morning. We used to dine at 999 Coffee Shop; Aman Puri due to its famous curry noodles there. However, the stall owner has moved since three months ago. According to the next stall in 999 Coffee Shop, the hawker said that this Penang delicacies stall had moved to the shop-lets nearby.

It’s rare to find original Penang white curry noodles, prawn noodles or lor mee in the Klang Valley. Moreover, it is even harder to find penang delicacies which are cooked by Penang hawkers which remain the authentic taste of foods. My dad is a Penangite, and frankly our family have fussier taste buds than most of our peers over Penang delicacies. 

Coincidentally, we found this newly opened shop which sold Penang delicacies i.e. Chew Jetty Penang Chiak with a big signboard mentioning its famous white curry noodles. Our intuition had told me that this shop's owner is the one we are looking for... its white curry noodles!

The ambiance of Chew Jetty Penang Chiak is like fisherman's house. Perhaps they want to correlate the design of the shop with the shop's name.

Penang Chee Cheong Fun
Well, it spoiled my expectancy as I expected it to be served warm and with more fried spring onions.
The famous white curry noodles with cuttlefish, cockles,tofu puffs, pork blood.

Extremely delicious!

Prawn noodles/ Hokkien mee
The another signature noodles from Chew Jetty Penang Chiak.
It reminded of the famous mee goreng at Siam Road Penang.
Well, this was still quite satisfying meal for us.

Finally, we spotted the chef.
We can conclude that we found the stall of penang curry noodles that we used to eat!

The menu with increased range of foods was provided during last visit in May 2017
Foods- Penang curry noodles are remained scrumptious. My mom who used to eat their prawn noodles (Penang Hokkien mee) commented that the prawns are not that fresh and the regular portion is with lesser prawn fritters. Hopefully the quality of food will be enhanced.

We shall try the Asam Laksa, Jawa Mee (promosing taste as I ate before) and Loh Mee next time. The mee goreng looked promosing too. 

Price- Most of the foods here are priced at RM8.50 with large portion. 

Ambiance- Nice and suitable for family dining.

Service-Service is brisk and food are arrived swiftly. FREE WIFI is also available.

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