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Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Tinge of Sweetness for Sprinkles of Sadness

If you look for a dose of sweetness to overcome the sorrows deeply embedded in your heart, you shall go to have desserts which are the best medicine for your heart and soul. The entourage of bloggers had blogged about the best cendols they have had in Malacca which was located at Bukit Rambai; Malacca. 

Spotted the long queue while I was seated silently awaiting for my bowl of cendols.
A big sign " Aunty Koh Cendol Melaka Best Cendol" is hung outside the fence.
The stall was an attap house residing next to a bungalow house.
Aunty Koh was the only one who prepared the ingredients till served each bowls of cendols or taibak.
It's unlike other cendols stall which might have few hired waiters or waitresses.
From my sight, I could see that she placed two- three spoonful of green cendols to each bowl.
Each customer is disciplined for self-serving from having the bowl of cendols, putting the money into the drawer and washing the bowl after eating.

The perfect ratio of coconut milk and gula Melaka makes it not too sweet. The distinctive taste of Gula Melaka matched with substantial coconut milk and the green starch noodles which were redolent of pandan leaves extract- perfect cendols.

The other tinge of sweetness was tai bak which was similar like cendol that I had at a stall near Jalan Tengkera. Aunty Koh Best Cendol Malacca has taibak as well, yet he informed that the authentic one is at Jalan Tengkera. A refreshing Nyonya dessert that's different compared to cendol that I had eaten earlier. It was served with shaved ice and only pandan infused syrup, topped with shredded pink and white cendols; and black grass jelly cubes. The feeling was great by quenching your thirst with the subtle sweet and refreshing tai bak.

The fried foods like fried banana (pisang goreng), fried cempedak, fried keledek and other snacks are able to be found here.
Last but not least, a chocolate for the sprinkles of sadness.
Would you think the same? 

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