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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blog stats | Image Map

Surprised! I noticed my blog stats (blog traffic) increase significantly nowadays!

The photo was captured yesterday and ' Creative Crafts Made from Aluminium Can/ Tin has increased to 145 blog stats at 2pm today! Similarly, ' What can I do with Sony Cyber-shot WX100 in My Daily Life' blog post has achieved 117 blog stats today.

Hmm.. I wonder is it due to image map or merely the topics are interesting.  O.o*
Talking about image map, it's a really interesting tool that allows you to hyperlink areas of a single image to various URLs. Now I understand images on Facebook, newsletters or online magazines let us click on different pictures, and link to go to different sites. 

My Palace, My Symphony of Life and the Rhythm of My Heart
Image Map

Using Image Map is simply easy!

Step 1. Create your image.

The image above was designed using picmonkey.com which is free of charge. If you are artistic, you can use Photoshop, Fireworks or Illustrator. I like picmonkey.com as it has many effects that I can apply on my image. Anyway, I chose to hyperlink areas of the single image below to 4 different URLs.

Step 2. Upload your image to Image Map Website.

All you need to do is just upload your image to www.image-maps.com.

Step 3. Start mapping your image to various URLs you want.

Click the “Add rectangle” button on the right bar of the website, place and resize the rectangle around the area to be hyperlinked, then enter the URL that the part of the image should be linked to. You may test the link if it's worked. Next, describe your image by entering a suitable title.

Step 4. Get Your HTML Code or CSS Code.

Once all the areas are hyperlinked, click Get Your Image Map Code.  You can choose to click HTML tab to copy the code or click CSS tab if you opt for CSS code. The end results of my image that is linked to four different websites. =)
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Image Map


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

KOSÉ Sekkisei Save the Blue Project

In this day and age, coral reefs are depleting pretty fast due to the water pollution and global warming. KOSÉ Save The Blue project is actually an initiative by KOSÉ to protect the world's fast depleting corals. KOSÉ products are made of natural resources and they place efforts in contributing back to the environment. KOSÉ Save The Blue  project has started from Japanese island of Okinawa, and now expands to Singapore and Malaysia. KOSÉ’s efforts will be directed to the corals in Pulau Tioman in Malaysia. That's great! I hadn't been to Pulau Tioman yet, hopefully I able to view coral reefs when I go there in future.

                                         Anyone knows about the importance of coral reefs?

  • Coral reefs are natural habitat for many sea creatures.
  • They are the important source of oxygen in the ocean. 
  • The most beautiful natural resources to provide you spectacular view when you have scuba diving.

KOSÉ Save The Blue project will donate a portion of sales of Sekkisei lotion towards the coral cultivation activity. Thus, each bottle of lotion purchased will expand the coral reef area by the base area of 1 Sekkisei bottle. This is a meaningful project which make me impressed with their idea. Well, a good start to protect our Mother Nature.

As a student, I am not affordable to purchase Sekkisei products from KOSÉ. Looking at the price tag, they could make me jaw-dropped. However, KOSÉ products are worth to be purchased and it's Japanese brand which is notable. According to my friend,  Sekkisei products help cleansing the facial skin and it gives snow white transulcent skin after using it. Hmm, I do think my face need some nice treatment as pimples keep popping out. It's annoying~

Under KOSÉ Save The Blue project, its Facebook page has also organized an application game. It's simple and easy! For freebies-lover like me, I enjoyed playing the game very much. Nonetheless, the prizes are attractive too. Once you achieve 50 points, you able to get 2pcs of Sekkisei Lotion mask, 3pcs of Sekkisei skin care travel kit set if obtain 125 points and Sekkisei Lotion 360ml is available to be redeemed if you obtain 200 points!

Answer questions to find out what kind of sea creature you are,
 and choose your location and decorate your aquarium!
Mine is box fish, which I don't know this type of fish until I played the game =)
My aquarium =)
The available prizes to be redeemed =)
And yea, I redeemed mine =)
Going to redeem my lotion mask which I chose to collect in another outlet.

The preservation effort that Japanese government consolidate in keeping their country pollution-free and conserve the ocean is amazing. I wonder if our country can do the same since our country has many islands like Tiomand Island, Sipadan Island, Redang Island, Lang Tengah beach and lots more. It's advisable to learn, adapt and practise what other countries which have showed a good example of making their countries safe and beautiful~ 

For more information, do visit this page: http://kose.com.my/save_the_blue_project/

Don't Trash our future | Save The Blue

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Homemade yam cake

Yam cake is one of my favourite Chinese traditional snacks. It's my mom's all time favourite food as well. I can't resist the temptation of getting some of it when my mom make yam cakes at home. Today, she made yam cakes again and I peeked throughout the whole process in order to record the steps of making yam cakes. The savory and mouth-watering yam cake is always so attractive to me! My stomach is growling =P

Well, the process of home-make  yam cakes is simple. Here's a short blog post that I am going to share homemade yam cake recipe of my mom:

The ingredients include:

1 plate of yam which are cut into the cube size

My mom likes to add dried shrimps in yam cakes. 
1 tsp of 5 spices powder and 1 tsp of pepper salt and 1 tsp of sugar
1 L corn flour / cornstarch
Steps to make yam cake:

1) Stir fry the dried shrimps.
 2) The next step will be stir fry the cube-sized yams.
 3) After that, pour in the 5 spices powder, pepper, salt and sugar, followed by pouring 2 and 1/2 bowls of water to cover the cube-sized yam.
 4) Wait patiently for around 5-10 minutes in which the cube-sized yams are softer now. Then pour in the flours. Keep stirring it to avoid the yam batter sticks with the wok.
 5) The yam batter thickens very quickly. Once it's ready, be quick in spooning the yam batter and  transfer it into a container which is going to be placed in steamer.  Reminder: Use a spoon to pat the yam batter flat.

6) The steaming process takes around 45 minutes. 

After all, the pipping hot yam cake is freshly steamed and it's best garnished with home grown spring onions. My family usually have our steamed yam cake being topped with deep fried shallots, spring onions, chillis and dried prawns, and usually served with chilli dipping sauce! Yummy!
homemade yam cake
Delicious homemade yam cake!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mr Bean Malaysia [ Closed ]

Yea, I am going to talk about Mr Bean today! Anyone watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012? I think most of us are excited with the comedy character Mr. Bean who appeared during the ceremony playing piano with the London Symphony Orchestra. The extremely goofy Mr. Bean still never fail to make me laughed over the show!
Mr. Bean playing piano on a single note

But wait, anyone knows Malaysia has Mr Bean too? Nah, we name it as Mr Bean Malaysia. Here's a short description about Mr Bean: Mr Bean is the leading chain soya bean food and beverage retailer in Singapore and it had been expanded its market to many countries including China , Japan, Philippines and Malaysia! It's located at Lot K-G19-W, Ground Floor, The Curve Shopping Mall, Mutiara Damansara.

Hehe.. I came to Mr Bean Malaysia to redeem my prize that I won from Mr Bean Malaysia Facebook contest ( More details, refer: http://lovewinter19.blogspot.com/2012/07/great-prizes-won.html). I was impressed with the politeness of the counter's waiter as broad smile could be seen from far and when he served customers. While waiting for him to settle the procedures of checking my personal details and so forth, my dad and I had been capturing photos of the outlet.

mr bean malaysia
The menu sceen! The double chocolate pancake is so attractive!  Mr Bean Malaysia
mr bean malaysia
The Bean creature on the TV screen had caught my attention!
mr bean malaysia
Wait... I spotted this!Here's the merchandises of Mr Bean Malaysia.
The tumblers of Mr Bean Malaysia are very cute! 
mr bean malaysia
Value Sets are available for you to choose =)
My family and I opted for Set D at later time.
mr bean malaysia
The environment for customers to enjoy the nutritious soya bean food and beverages is great.
The nice painting on the wall of the outlet can make you feel cheerful.
'Life's Simple Pleasures are like seeds dispersed throughout the world that turn people into tall strong trees and the world into one big happy forest, making the world a better place to live in.'

mr bean malaysia
I love the flowers! They seems like telling me that there are still hopes around.
Okay, let's see what are the prizes I redeemed from Mr Bean Malaysia!

mr bean malaysia
The simple but nice paperbag which carries my cute plush toy.

mr bean malaysia
Guess what! There's 5 RM2 vouchers inside the goodies bag! 

We bought the Set D ( 2 classic soya bean beverages, 1 beancurd , 2 Mr Bean pancakes i.e. chocolate and peanut flavour) using 2 vouchers. I think I should choose pancakes with cheese and tuna flavour next time.

mr bean malaysia
Mom was enjoying her beancurd and she commented that the beancurd is very smooth.
mr bean malaysia
Take-away hot and cold soya bean milks =)
mr bean malaysia
The baking/making process of my chocolate pancake =)
Another pancake is peanut flavour.
mr bean malaysia
My pancakes are almost ready! I wonder the taste of pancakes with caramel custard.
Anyone try cheese flavour before? 
mr bean malaysia
Here they are! The hot Mr Bean pancakes are served.
mr bean malaysia
Cute Mr Bean Pancake!
mr bean malaysia
I was attracted by the meaningful words on the paperbag that contains my pancake.

mr bean malaysia
Wait! Let's have a closer look on my peanut flavour Mr Bean Malaysia Pancake =P

You should be wondering how my plush toy looks like. Here it is...

mr bean malaysia
My cute Mr Bean Plush Toy! I didn't expect it's in this bigger size =)
mr bean malaysia
It has a cute love shape etched on its butt XD Love tattoo?! LOL
The goodies bag contains many MrBean Malaysia merchandises including: Key chain, postcards, pin-badge and magnet.

mr bean malaysia
Mr Bean Magnet
mr bean malaysia
A meaningful sentence on the pin-badge which says,' Everyone smiles in the same language'.

mr bean malaysia
I love this blue MrBean keychain.
mr bean malaysia
Cute postcards that made my mom feeling happy with =)
mr bean malaysia
Welcome to my family XD
Last but not least, a great photo to share with you guys!
 The words are captured from the white paper bag which carries my plush toy!
mr bean malaysia
Yea, it's really wonderful to love and be loved!