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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Homemade yam cake

Yam cake is one of my favourite Chinese traditional snacks. It's my mom's all time favourite food as well. I can't resist the temptation of getting some of it when my mom make yam cakes at home. Today, she made yam cakes again and I peeked throughout the whole process in order to record the steps of making yam cakes. The savory and mouth-watering yam cake is always so attractive to me! My stomach is growling =P

Well, the process of home-make  yam cakes is simple. Here's a short blog post that I am going to share homemade yam cake recipe of my mom:

The ingredients include:

1 plate of yam which are cut into the cube size

My mom likes to add dried shrimps in yam cakes. 
1 tsp of 5 spices powder and 1 tsp of pepper salt and 1 tsp of sugar
1 L corn flour / cornstarch
Steps to make yam cake:

1) Stir fry the dried shrimps.
 2) The next step will be stir fry the cube-sized yams.
 3) After that, pour in the 5 spices powder, pepper, salt and sugar, followed by pouring 2 and 1/2 bowls of water to cover the cube-sized yam.
 4) Wait patiently for around 5-10 minutes in which the cube-sized yams are softer now. Then pour in the flours. Keep stirring it to avoid the yam batter sticks with the wok.
 5) The yam batter thickens very quickly. Once it's ready, be quick in spooning the yam batter and  transfer it into a container which is going to be placed in steamer.  Reminder: Use a spoon to pat the yam batter flat.

6) The steaming process takes around 45 minutes. 

After all, the pipping hot yam cake is freshly steamed and it's best garnished with home grown spring onions. My family usually have our steamed yam cake being topped with deep fried shallots, spring onions, chillis and dried prawns, and usually served with chilli dipping sauce! Yummy!
homemade yam cake
Delicious homemade yam cake!