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Monday, December 19, 2011

22nd Birthday

I had the Hobson's choice to admit that I am getting older and older. Time flies, and I aged 22nd today! How I wish I have a stopwatch to make time to stop awhile and continue later on.

It's the first time that I did not celebrate my birthday at home apart from the years I celebrated my birthday at my aunt's house. My roommate had waited till 12am and played birthday song on guitar to me. Well, all of us were busy rushing assignments and revision on the next day. Apart from that, I had received call from course mates in which a bunch of them shouted happy birthday in different languages to me. Felt touched of the warmness given by my friends!

After class, my roommates and I had participated in one of the programmes conducted by Sue Fern (SIFE Project i.e. Palm-palm Soap Project). A soap-making course was conducted with the help of a trainer to teach the housewives at an outskirts area nearby our uni. We witnessed the whole soap-making process, and had helped the housewives to hand-make soaps. Well, I hoped that the housewives will continue to join this project to make this project successful. After this meaningful project, we rushed back home to continue our revision. I was surprised to receive a Body Shop Perfume given by roommates and a card handmade by siew chen. Well, I hoped that our friendship can be strengthen and especially xxx can manage her time well between church work and course work.

At night, my parents had called to wish me 'happy birthday'. Then, my youngest sister had played songs on piano to me. My dad said that he hoped I could have a special birthday even though I study in a different state. Uh.. Luckily I was on the phone outside of the house, otherwise the others could see the tears running down my cheeks. My birthday ended with a long chat on the phone with my close buddy ; YY.

It's a special birthday I had celebrated with my friends and family and it's left an indelible mark in my heart and the memories will always etch in mind! It's great to feel being loved by family and friends around. Appreciate those who make my birthday so meaningful and happy this year!

birthday gift
From left: a spongebob mobile phone holder, and a spongebob tissue container

A watch which I love it very much,
perfume and a handmade birthday card given by my roommates!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some craze before the end of year 2011

The craze that I did with my roommie before the end of year 2011. We were having hectic revision for a terrible lecturer's 2nd test, however the presence of shooting stars during tonight had made us very excited. We ran out and ran into the house for several times, holding the book. Well, I was lucky as watched the first shooting star when my friend was facing me. And yea, it was fast like a lightning stroked over the sky, and it had gone within seconds. I forgot to make a wish! I remembered that I even widespread the news to some seniors, even posted wrongly at a club's website. Most were influenced to go out to have a look if there's any meteors, well, I guessed that they had no luck.

The second shooting star (her 's first view of shooting star) was happened too quick as well! and again, I missed the chance to make a wish. Huh, I have too many wishes to make! It was about 2am and my eye lids were very heavy. Anyway, we both managed to make a wish when viewed the third shooting star stoked over the sky at 3am!

I was wondered if 2012 is approaching, which is why we able to view meteor rains for twice in year 2011, and eclipse. I started to feel worry! I still want to be with my parents, my family, my friends, and lots more!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The craze during November and December

The latest craze during November and December

Although it is convenient to buy things online, yet I dare not take the risk as I don't feel comfortable to give out my particulars especially identification numbers and account number. The lastest craze during the end of November till Christmas in my university had started by my course mates who found Reebonz website which gave out 50 free credits for each sign-up. The website had given out this promotion prior to the approaching Christmas celebration; hence we decided to unveil the surprise! =)

The invitation link had spread to almost all of the girls within few days. The 50 credits were sufficient enough to buy some of the nice goods. Well, since it didn't require us to pay a single cent on some stuffs, the craze of ordering stuffs online had begun. My friends and I were attracted by the creative design of the watches, some facial cleansing products and cosmetic products.

innershine =)

the watch and innershine that I bought using the credits

Able to guess what are these?
A pair of salt and pepper container!
I had ordered these to my mom as a Christmas gift.
I had dropped a request at the comment box,
asking Reebonz to write 'Merry Christmas to you, Mom'.
Out of my expectation, Reebonz had written the greeting on a card!
My mom was surprised when opened the parcel ,
and once thought it's a bomb as it was wrapped with many plastic wrap-papers and newspapers.
Anyhow, she loves this gift.

Short review:I find this website selling many bags, wallets, coaches, watches and many other fashion pieces from various brands. If I am rich, I guess I will keep browsing this website and keep purchasing the coaches! One thing I would recommend this website to others is the short delivery time for the ordered parcels to be reached. In short, I gained a nice online-shopping experience!

Friday, November 4, 2011

the fun with photoshop brush

When boredom strikes, creativity increases..(well, it's applied to me anyway =P)

Playing with the brush tools of Photoshop, and I came out with this picture.. (instead of the posters and bunting design for poster...huh)..

So, able to guess what message is carried by this picture?
Hehe... well, I guess everyone of us wishes to be an apple of someone's eye or an apple of everyone's eye..Alright, a snippet of the reasons that why everyone wishes to be an apple of someone's eyes. the sacred three words, the warmness that someone cares for you, someone missing you, the action that can makes the rains stream from your eyes. Oops, did I just blurp out my own thinking? =*

Well, I will still heave wistful sigh reminiscing over the good old days..Hmm..that's why there has tell me quando, quando, quando scribbled in the letters for Romeo..

Summer's gone with you
I will move on
Promise you,
you'll never be alone
I believe what you give
you will receive
That's why I'd give it all up

Do you believe in love
And all the things it does
It makes me feel like I'm alive
And when the night drives in
We let the games begin
You make me feel like I'm alive

♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫ ♥ this song very much ♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫

A guy stood outside the gate of the house, shouting for the girl's name.
He wanted to give a bouquet of flowers to the girl on the her birthday.
It's supposed to be seeing a curve on the girl's face.
However, the girl couldn't even recognize the voice of the guy at the very first time.
The girl peeped from the windows.
The guy waved his hand.
The girl did not smile.
The girl did not feel touched either.
The friends of her opened the gate to let the guy came into the house.
She tried to reject the flowers.
The guy just said, 'keep it and it's yours' ; and left.

Obviously, the guy had been late for three quarter of the year.
He didn't know how much tears that the girl had been pouring for him.
He didn't realize the disappointment of the girl.
He didn't know the girl had been counting for the time he will arrive even though she received many flowers from other guys on the particular day.
He didn't understand that love is unable to be waited..

The girl has been waited for long enough to give him the chance to love her back...
But the hope has spoilt with the time passed...
And now, she has someone who knows how to appreciate her.

P/s: To my dear C.P. , wishing you have a great birthday and may you have felicity in the new relationship

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Foods during university

Just wanna have some snippets about the foods that I cooked during university life =)

All-in- 1 soup ( tauhu, vegetables, carrots, fish cakes, dried anchovies, tomatoes, mushroom) >> so healthy! ^^ - creative idea from me and Hui En..

tomato beans with fried eggs (adding black peppers make it taste good)

Dried Anchovies soup

Potato wedges..
I found that dipping the potatoes inside the egg will make it tasted more delicious!
hehe.. I love potatoes..

Oat fried rice.. TASTY!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Facebook pictures

It's a boring night when I have to spend the night doing some reviews on Facebook vs. MySpace. Well, Facebook is like butter or bread for me ever since Facebook Connect is utilized by most websites I used to log on and even everything regards to class cancellation, class replacement or tips on exam are spread through Facebook. So, I definitely LOVE Facebook! haha..

Well, recently there are various pictures circulating around Facebook which have made me laughed, agreed upon or....

Isn't he looks cute and adorable?
He said, " Is time to keep fit, right?"
(p/s: wish my future son will not fat like this though..)

Well said, how many of us can accept each other's weakness / differences?
This reminded me of Mr. Sunny Lim who talked on this during the English tuition.Yea, it's true.. Men know nothing about girls.. Believe it not? hehe.. let's look at the picture below:

So, any guys understand women's language especially when they are in love with you..?

{p/s 1: only apply when the girl is truly loves you}
{p/s 2: some guys might get over-reacted when see this picture by pinpointing why women can't speak their heart out using words. Well, my suggestion is use your heart to feel what she wants/needs. Don't you feel tired if the one you love understand your needs/wants only if everything also said by words?}

A person shared this message to me, isn't this true? =) hehe.. SWEET~~

People always think that when you sleep together, there’s always something thatis happening in between the sheets and the bed. But let me tell you, It’s not always like that. The feeling of actually hugging each other until you fall asleep, the warmth of each other’s breath, and the total happiness in the morning when you wake up right beside them. Everything may sound so good to be true, but sometimes it takes a lot of responsibility and love to be able to be as wholesome as possible. Sleeping with your special someone is one of the most heartwarming experiences you’ll ever have. No nothing, simply hugging and smiling yourself to sleep.

Okay, the end of this short blog post.. Gotta complete my assignment by tonight~ Huh..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Men from Mars while women from Venus?

Found two interesting picture on Facebook today, well, peeps, do you agree with the statements in the picture?

when in love

when break-up happens...

Men from Mars while women from Venus! ^^

Shall we check out John Gray's ' Men from Mars, Women from Venus' from Amazon? 

Currently I am reading this book " Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: A Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting What You Want in Your Relationships ". It's interesting to find how much contrary between men and women's thoughts, the way we convey our information or thoughts, our actions and etc. Now I could understand why there are so many misunderstandings between men and women even we said that trust is the foundation, because communication is often the cause of quarrellings.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Malaysia had been hosting for SIFE World Cup Competition for the first time which had held at KLCC from 3rd- 5th Oct. 2011. A total of 2500 students from other 38 countries had come to compete for the world cup! It's a golden opportunity for us to participate as observers to imbibe knowledge,generate new ideas, learn the various countries' cultures!

Okay, I guess some will be wondering what SIFE stands for? It's the acronym of Students in Free Enterprise, a non profit organization which is dedicated to bringing together the top leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business.SIFE teams' projects address a variety of topics and issues, with their primary focus on effectively empowering people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living, all while considering the relevant economic, social and environmental factors.

The SIFE World Cup Competition 2011 Opening Ceremony Highlights

Special Session on harnessing business and entrepreneurship to eliminate poverty on Tues. Panelists include James Shikwati, IREN Kenya; Rupendra Singh, KPMG Foundation India; Doug Pitt; Entrepreneur and Philanthropist; and Carin Van Vuuren, Landor Associates.

Just like what Carin Van Vuuren had said, when we are doing something, we have to understand the purposes of doing it. In other words, whatever we do, it's just around the question of " What if..." Well, it put me in deep thought for some moment.

Our country's team has been selected from its league as the 1st finalist for the semi-finalist, however we failed to compete till the final. The University of Regensburg from Germany has been named the SIFE World Cup 2011 Champion, followed by Zimbabwe getting the second place, Puerto Rico (3rd Place) and Guatemala being the 4th finalist. Their projects are well-presented and I am really impressed of the Zimbabwe's team's confidence in answering the judges ' questions! I am also amazed by the innovativeness of Puerto Rico 's team in helping the Haiti's people making bracelets, necklace which are made of tin. The presentation of Guatemala is really nice and I felt so comfortable with the clear pronunciation of the team. And of course, the presentation of Germany around the theme of ' tearing down the wall and open the gate of opportunity' is really awesome!

Last but not least, I would say that it's an awesome event! I am truly proud that I am one of the Sifers.. SIFE teams around the world put a tremendous amount of time and energy to empower people in need by improving their communities' standards of living by implementing the business and economic concepts and also showing concern to the harbinger of our nature! For me, SIFE is not only a platform for me to improve my communicative skills in English, but also fosters the ideas generation and self-confidence.
Event Photos:

painting batik.

My Thailand name :)

Two buddies who brought me in to SIFE! Thanks to them!
SIFE  united us from different faculties, working towards the same goal!

SIFE UTHM team  (lack of two more males)
Our Somalian committee :)

SIFE Gathering @ Chili's Grill & Bar; KLCC

The 1st day of SIFE World Cup Competition has come to an end and our stomachs were growling loudly. We decided to pay a visit to Chili's Grill and Bar in Suria KLCC. The reason that we chose to dine here was the large range of western foods which are offered here apart from the impression of always-fully-packed restaurant. 

Choices of foods

Grilled salmon with herbs and garlic @ RM 39.95
8 oz salmon fillet seasoned with garlic & herbs. It's served with rice and seasonal veggies- choice of Maxloon.
Fish and chips
Prime cut of white dory fish fried in their own crispy batter. Served with homestyle fries and tartar sauce.
Southwestern Grilled Lamb @ RM36.95
Grilled lamb with the homemade marinate, served with mashed potatoes with black pepper gravy & seasonal veggies. 

Crispy Honey-chipotle chicken Crispers @ RM28.95 
Strips of battered chicken, breaded and fried for the crunchiness for each bite with spicy Honey-Chipotle sauce. The fries were crispy.

Cajun Club Sandwich @ RM 27.95
Well, who said that we couldn't have sandwich as dinner. I chose to have the sandwiches set which has Layers of toast filled with smoked chicken, topped with beef bacon, cheddar and Swiss cheese, jalapenos, lettuce and tomato.The side would be generous portion of fries which had my stomach almost exploded.

Triple Dipper RM 29.95
A combo of three favorite appetizers such as chicken crispers, Wings Over Buffalo and Southwestern Eggrolls with sauces for dipping. Dressing sauces come with three different type of flavour - Honey Mustard, Ranch and Avacado-Ranch
I personally liked the wings over buffalo very much.

Some candid of photos

Our very first "henna" on hand
Say cheese !

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Disappointment has flooded my heart!

New semester had started and I am currently a 3rd year university student. Somehow I am very disappointed with the management of the faculty of my university. The timetable is released during the 1st day of university reopens, and the newly built faculty building is unable to be used ( need to be examined by Bomba and don't have tables/chairs yet...) Apart from that, the subjects registration or session problems are like a norm , never be improved in this new semester as well. Ok, I would say that i am rather disappointed than happy! Much to my disappointment, I just had attended 2 classes during the 1st week of university restarts. Some friends from other faculties had their lessons started as well, but our course are still on holidays! Hmm..it's inevitable for me to have the fallacy of thinking that the semester break has not ended. Or perhaps lecturers are still on holidays!

We paid to study in university, and yet lecturers aren't being responsible to teach lessons. It's said to be lecturers will be very busy during the 1st week, and may resume classes during the second week. Yet, one of my lecturers had been telling us that he might not have lesson on during Monday. Huh...

What's the point of coming back earlier to prepare for new semester?
What's the point of being a hardworking student while lecturers are so lazy?!

D.A.M.N!!! I feel very unmotivated!

Disappointment has flooded my heart!~

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Working life at Synovate Malaysia

Hereby, I would like to remark my working life in the territory of mine. With the intention to enhance my English and communicative skills, I had gone to Synovate, Menara IGB; KL ( an international market research company) to work with my friend, Yee Lin from 16th June- 27th Aug2011. The assistant manager is kinda strict, well, I would say that she's a perfectionist who wants everything to be neatly organized. The FEs especially Cik Nurul, Sashi and Mahesh are very friendly and helpful, as well as the colleagues there.

Me, preparing to make phone calls.
The job as a market researcher =)
At first, I was very nervous and had no confidence in making calls. I was slow in interviewing and had bad pronunciation in making certain calls, in which the errors were pointed out by mentor; Cik Nurul and she guided me how to make successful calls. Well, through peers and guidance from the Field Executives, I had gained courages and had been assigned to handle more projects. Well, to my delights, Cik Nurul had congratulated me that I showed more confidence in speaking and had better interviewing and probing skills.

Thanks to yee lin who helped me alot when facing difficulties during work. And yea, without her, May Lai, Uma, Chandrakala, Shazwan and a bunch of funny malay colleagues; my working life will be very dull. We always chat during work, sharing bits of life, and of course, we had been scolded by a fierce FE- Rainnee sometimes. Yet I know this is her responsibility as a supervisor and it was a wonderful working experience.

Yee Lin and I had been meeting up with May Lai on 6th September before we headed back to university. During the morning, we met up at Ying Ker Lou for having brunch together.
 pan mee
Ying Ker Lou Pan Mee which I would thumb up for its taste and nice soup provided!
Drink of the day- Barley Water.
Fantastic delicacy! It's a bowl of dessert made of dragon fruits and glutinous balls.
Price: Reasonable
Ratings of the food: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5
Revisit again: Yes!

Hangout with May Lai and Yee Lin

.... (To be continued)