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Monday, December 19, 2011

22nd Birthday

I had the Hobson's choice to admit that I am getting older and older. Time flies, and I aged 22nd today! How I wish I have a stopwatch to make time to stop awhile and continue later on.

It's the first time that I did not celebrate my birthday at home apart from the years I celebrated my birthday at my aunt's house. My roommate had waited till 12am and played birthday song on guitar to me. Well, all of us were busy rushing assignments and revision on the next day. Apart from that, I had received call from course mates in which a bunch of them shouted happy birthday in different languages to me. Felt touched of the warmness given by my friends!

After class, my roommates and I had participated in one of the programmes conducted by Sue Fern (SIFE Project i.e. Palm-palm Soap Project). A soap-making course was conducted with the help of a trainer to teach the housewives at an outskirts area nearby our uni. We witnessed the whole soap-making process, and had helped the housewives to hand-make soaps. Well, I hoped that the housewives will continue to join this project to make this project successful. After this meaningful project, we rushed back home to continue our revision. I was surprised to receive a Body Shop Perfume given by roommates and a card handmade by siew chen. Well, I hoped that our friendship can be strengthen and especially xxx can manage her time well between church work and course work.

At night, my parents had called to wish me 'happy birthday'. Then, my youngest sister had played songs on piano to me. My dad said that he hoped I could have a special birthday even though I study in a different state. Uh.. Luckily I was on the phone outside of the house, otherwise the others could see the tears running down my cheeks. My birthday ended with a long chat on the phone with my close buddy ; YY.

It's a special birthday I had celebrated with my friends and family and it's left an indelible mark in my heart and the memories will always etch in mind! It's great to feel being loved by family and friends around. Appreciate those who make my birthday so meaningful and happy this year!

birthday gift
From left: a spongebob mobile phone holder, and a spongebob tissue container

A watch which I love it very much,
perfume and a handmade birthday card given by my roommates!

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