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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some craze before the end of year 2011

The craze that I did with my roommie before the end of year 2011. We were having hectic revision for a terrible lecturer's 2nd test, however the presence of shooting stars during tonight had made us very excited. We ran out and ran into the house for several times, holding the book. Well, I was lucky as watched the first shooting star when my friend was facing me. And yea, it was fast like a lightning stroked over the sky, and it had gone within seconds. I forgot to make a wish! I remembered that I even widespread the news to some seniors, even posted wrongly at a club's website. Most were influenced to go out to have a look if there's any meteors, well, I guessed that they had no luck.

The second shooting star (her 's first view of shooting star) was happened too quick as well! and again, I missed the chance to make a wish. Huh, I have too many wishes to make! It was about 2am and my eye lids were very heavy. Anyway, we both managed to make a wish when viewed the third shooting star stoked over the sky at 3am!

I was wondered if 2012 is approaching, which is why we able to view meteor rains for twice in year 2011, and eclipse. I started to feel worry! I still want to be with my parents, my family, my friends, and lots more!