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Friday, February 3, 2012

Progress of my orthodontic treatment

My orthodontic treatment had finally ended on 8th November 2011 where my braces were taken off. I am very satisfied with my current beautiful look of teeth! haha.. Now I could smile confidently instead of closing my mouth and dared not smile/ laugh due to the canine teeth.

I was given with a retainer which I need to wear it every night for two years in order to prevent my teeth moving back to its original place.

Orthodontic treatment had lasted for 20 months =)

Post related to orthodontic treatment :

Recent photos with my broad smile which showed my teeth!!! =)
Haha.. I was on the cover page of magazine!!!
Believe what you see from your eyes! LOL
Okay, yeah, I know I need to keep fit!
Yet, I had no patience in doing exercise everyday. Huh~~

Anyway, I LOVE my teeth!!!

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