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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tooth Extraction and Orthodontic Treatment

As to have orthodontic treatment, 4 teeth will be extracted to give space for the teeth rearrangement.A terrible experience of tooth extraction process that I had undergone today. I never expect my extracted teeth would be so long and now the left over was the big holes with blood streaming out.

On 13th Mac 2010
4.25pm- 2 teeth were forever disappeared from my mouth..
12.25 am- suffering of hunger and pain..
- count downing for the dental appointment at 1pm later..
- maybe i shall have a farewell to my 2 forgone teeth soon
On 14th Mac 2010
1.25pm- A terrible process occurred. Due to my tooth was so firmly anchored in its socket, the dentist had pulled very hard, and he even used the scissors to cut off the root I think..Huh..

- Goodbye for my 4 healthily grown teeth.. Sorry for sacrificing you to beautify my teeth~~
~SAYONARA to my favourite Green Peas, peanuts.. T.T

The orthodontic process will be started on next friday... Good luck to myself.

On 19th Mac 2010
I had officially started my orthodontic process( wearing braces from today onwards)...
Discomfort and pain were the words to describe how I felt.

I finally able to eat my favorite instant noodles Cintan Original on the 4th day after eating oats and porridge during the previous periods. Erm...Perhaps I should say that I wasn't eat..but was actually swallowed the noodles which had been cut into smaller sizes.. Huh..My lips had been dried up(hydrated) during these few days even though I had drunk glasses of water, and yet they don't help much. Apart from that, oral ulsers seemed to have been crushed with me where there're ulsers here, there and everywhere inside my mouth. This engendered me to have more difficulty in talking and eating properly. >.<

Anyway, I have to take the opportunity to thank my sisters in hostel who have showed warming concerns towards me by bringing me to eat porridge ( Chia Pei had cooked for me once), those who helped me to think where can I buy the porridge or softer foods and so on. Arigatou Gozaimasu...

Finally, I hope that the suffers may be reduced as the days go..I'm gonna having presentation on 29th Mac and the appraoching Monday... :)

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