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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The incident that had happened on that day had made imprint in my life. I have to admit for having my stubborn manner and innocent or somewhat foolishness after the happening. I feel very sorry to my parents and my siblings. I had made you all so worried of me. I knew I had made a big mistake and really cause disappointment and depression of you all. I am really sorry!!! Especially to mom, I know you place high expectation and hope on me, I am sorry to make you depressed over my mistake.

Anyhow, from the incident, I had realized the big mistake I had made and should learn to be careful from the people around me. Apart from that, I have learn to nurture the love of family. Without them, I could hardly rise up from the fall instead of keep mourning for the sadness. To my sister, Si En, I felt sorry as we always quarrel over something small..arigatou for the encouragement you had given me when i was so down..

>> To My Beloved Family

PS: thanks to cynthia chai and joel who have accompanied me to walk through these few days.. thanks..

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