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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Disappointment has flooded my heart!

New semester had started and I am currently a 3rd year university student. Somehow I am very disappointed with the management of the faculty of my university. The timetable is released during the 1st day of university reopens, and the newly built faculty building is unable to be used ( need to be examined by Bomba and don't have tables/chairs yet...) Apart from that, the subjects registration or session problems are like a norm , never be improved in this new semester as well. Ok, I would say that i am rather disappointed than happy! Much to my disappointment, I just had attended 2 classes during the 1st week of university restarts. Some friends from other faculties had their lessons started as well, but our course are still on holidays! Hmm..it's inevitable for me to have the fallacy of thinking that the semester break has not ended. Or perhaps lecturers are still on holidays!

We paid to study in university, and yet lecturers aren't being responsible to teach lessons. It's said to be lecturers will be very busy during the 1st week, and may resume classes during the second week. Yet, one of my lecturers had been telling us that he might not have lesson on during Monday. Huh...

What's the point of coming back earlier to prepare for new semester?
What's the point of being a hardworking student while lecturers are so lazy?!

D.A.M.N!!! I feel very unmotivated!

Disappointment has flooded my heart!~