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Friday, November 4, 2011

the fun with photoshop brush

When boredom strikes, creativity increases..(well, it's applied to me anyway =P)

Playing with the brush tools of Photoshop, and I came out with this picture.. (instead of the posters and bunting design for poster...huh)..

So, able to guess what message is carried by this picture?
Hehe... well, I guess everyone of us wishes to be an apple of someone's eye or an apple of everyone's eye..Alright, a snippet of the reasons that why everyone wishes to be an apple of someone's eyes. the sacred three words, the warmness that someone cares for you, someone missing you, the action that can makes the rains stream from your eyes. Oops, did I just blurp out my own thinking? =*

Well, I will still heave wistful sigh reminiscing over the good old days..Hmm..that's why there has tell me quando, quando, quando scribbled in the letters for Romeo..

Summer's gone with you
I will move on
Promise you,
you'll never be alone
I believe what you give
you will receive
That's why I'd give it all up

Do you believe in love
And all the things it does
It makes me feel like I'm alive
And when the night drives in
We let the games begin
You make me feel like I'm alive

♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫ ♥ this song very much ♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫

A guy stood outside the gate of the house, shouting for the girl's name.
He wanted to give a bouquet of flowers to the girl on the her birthday.
It's supposed to be seeing a curve on the girl's face.
However, the girl couldn't even recognize the voice of the guy at the very first time.
The girl peeped from the windows.
The guy waved his hand.
The girl did not smile.
The girl did not feel touched either.
The friends of her opened the gate to let the guy came into the house.
She tried to reject the flowers.
The guy just said, 'keep it and it's yours' ; and left.

Obviously, the guy had been late for three quarter of the year.
He didn't know how much tears that the girl had been pouring for him.
He didn't realize the disappointment of the girl.
He didn't know the girl had been counting for the time he will arrive even though she received many flowers from other guys on the particular day.
He didn't understand that love is unable to be waited..

The girl has been waited for long enough to give him the chance to love her back...
But the hope has spoilt with the time passed...
And now, she has someone who knows how to appreciate her.

P/s: To my dear C.P. , wishing you have a great birthday and may you have felicity in the new relationship