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Friday, October 28, 2011

Facebook pictures

It's a boring night when I have to spend the night doing some reviews on Facebook vs. MySpace. Well, Facebook is like butter or bread for me ever since Facebook Connect is utilized by most websites I used to log on and even everything regards to class cancellation, class replacement or tips on exam are spread through Facebook. So, I definitely LOVE Facebook! haha..

Well, recently there are various pictures circulating around Facebook which have made me laughed, agreed upon or....

Isn't he looks cute and adorable?
He said, " Is time to keep fit, right?"
(p/s: wish my future son will not fat like this though..)

Well said, how many of us can accept each other's weakness / differences?
This reminded me of Mr. Sunny Lim who talked on this during the English tuition.Yea, it's true.. Men know nothing about girls.. Believe it not? hehe.. let's look at the picture below:

So, any guys understand women's language especially when they are in love with you..?

{p/s 1: only apply when the girl is truly loves you}
{p/s 2: some guys might get over-reacted when see this picture by pinpointing why women can't speak their heart out using words. Well, my suggestion is use your heart to feel what she wants/needs. Don't you feel tired if the one you love understand your needs/wants only if everything also said by words?}

A person shared this message to me, isn't this true? =) hehe.. SWEET~~

People always think that when you sleep together, there’s always something thatis happening in between the sheets and the bed. But let me tell you, It’s not always like that. The feeling of actually hugging each other until you fall asleep, the warmth of each other’s breath, and the total happiness in the morning when you wake up right beside them. Everything may sound so good to be true, but sometimes it takes a lot of responsibility and love to be able to be as wholesome as possible. Sleeping with your special someone is one of the most heartwarming experiences you’ll ever have. No nothing, simply hugging and smiling yourself to sleep.

Okay, the end of this short blog post.. Gotta complete my assignment by tonight~ Huh..