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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Malaysia had been hosting for SIFE World Cup Competition for the first time which had held at KLCC from 3rd- 5th Oct. 2011. A total of 2500 students from other 38 countries had come to compete for the world cup! It's a golden opportunity for us to participate as observers to imbibe knowledge,generate new ideas, learn the various countries' cultures!

Okay, I guess some will be wondering what SIFE stands for? It's the acronym of Students in Free Enterprise, a non profit organization which is dedicated to bringing together the top leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business.SIFE teams' projects address a variety of topics and issues, with their primary focus on effectively empowering people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living, all while considering the relevant economic, social and environmental factors.

The SIFE World Cup Competition 2011 Opening Ceremony Highlights

Special Session on harnessing business and entrepreneurship to eliminate poverty on Tues. Panelists include James Shikwati, IREN Kenya; Rupendra Singh, KPMG Foundation India; Doug Pitt; Entrepreneur and Philanthropist; and Carin Van Vuuren, Landor Associates.

Just like what Carin Van Vuuren had said, when we are doing something, we have to understand the purposes of doing it. In other words, whatever we do, it's just around the question of " What if..." Well, it put me in deep thought for some moment.

Our country's team has been selected from its league as the 1st finalist for the semi-finalist, however we failed to compete till the final. The University of Regensburg from Germany has been named the SIFE World Cup 2011 Champion, followed by Zimbabwe getting the second place, Puerto Rico (3rd Place) and Guatemala being the 4th finalist. Their projects are well-presented and I am really impressed of the Zimbabwe's team's confidence in answering the judges ' questions! I am also amazed by the innovativeness of Puerto Rico 's team in helping the Haiti's people making bracelets, necklace which are made of tin. The presentation of Guatemala is really nice and I felt so comfortable with the clear pronunciation of the team. And of course, the presentation of Germany around the theme of ' tearing down the wall and open the gate of opportunity' is really awesome!

Last but not least, I would say that it's an awesome event! I am truly proud that I am one of the Sifers.. SIFE teams around the world put a tremendous amount of time and energy to empower people in need by improving their communities' standards of living by implementing the business and economic concepts and also showing concern to the harbinger of our nature! For me, SIFE is not only a platform for me to improve my communicative skills in English, but also fosters the ideas generation and self-confidence.
Event Photos:

painting batik.

My Thailand name :)

Two buddies who brought me in to SIFE! Thanks to them!
SIFE  united us from different faculties, working towards the same goal!

SIFE UTHM team  (lack of two more males)
Our Somalian committee :)

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