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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Great Prize Won (II)- The MALAYSIA Street

This is a subsequent post following the previous post of Great Prizes Won  written in year 2012. Instead of mentioning the prizes which I had won after July 2012, I thought of focusing on rewards which I achieved from The Malaysia Street

If you browse through Google for The Malaysia Street information, it is ranked #381,588 in the world, a low rank means that this website gets lots of visitors. A brief information regarding this website:

The Malaysia Street has initiated by Starcom MediaVest Group Malaysia (SMG) since September 2010. It is a space for youth to share their opinions/ views of products or services and issues that affect our lives. In other words, it is similar like a forum. Each month, the network moderator will post few featured topics for youths to discuss and share their opinions. The eligible members will be awarded for RM150 incentives quarterly for their participation for at at least 80% of the featured posts within period of three months. Are you attracted by the incentives provided? 

Apart from that, bonus prizes will be given to top three leader board members and those who provide insightful and valuable opinions. A wide range of bonus prizes are awarded, for instance: dining vouchers, MPH bookstore vouchers, health care vouchers (e.g. Guardian, Body Shop and Watsons), stationery, bags and some limited editions merchandise.

From Year 2011-2012, I had won fabulous prizes including Yahoo Eco Journalbook which worth $16 and RM100 Nando's dining vouchers. There are a wide range of prizes that I had won subsequently during Year 2013 to present.

  • Yahoo merchandises

Y-Bang Fingerprint Laptop Case

Yahoo Bag which is big and has many compartments.
I am using it to attend classes and work :)

Well, apologies for the blur image.
Focus shall be on the yahoo earphones instead of black pig and koala plush toy.

  • Skype merchandise

The bag is convenient for bringing volleyball along.
  • Vouchers
During early year, The Malaysia Street had rewarded few contributors including me with Watsons RM100 vouchers. The luck continued till the last month, I had been rewarded with four movie vouchers again. I am planning to spend splendid time with my family for nice movies session.

movie vouchers

Starbucks Valentine Card which had been pre-loaded with RM50 
- the best gift for a coffeeholic girl like me.

Before ending the blog post, I suppose most wonder how to join The Malaysia Street; an incentive-based social media platform. Currently they have been having members recruitment, targetting 15-24 years old youth.

Link: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1660168/The-Malaysia-Street-Recruitment-2014-Member-Referral

Please do fill up my name i.e. Carene Cheang in the final questions of the recruitment form as the membership is by invitation only. 

Last but not least,thanks to The Malaysia Street which has been set up and improved from time to time.
The benefits of joining as one of the members are not only incentives and bonus prizes, but also the abundant knowledge and information could be obtained from various members' discussion. It's really a great experience that you can interact with people from different background, races and education. Their valuable insights would be beneficial for you Also, you would be surprised that you aware of the issues/ new products through The Malaysia Street topics.

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