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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tame Your Furious Skin with Luxola De-stressing Kit

Have you ever noticed that you tend to have more breakouts when overloaded with stress?According to most health articles, stress causes our body to produce cortisol and other hormones that stimulate our sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Subsequently, the oily skin is more prone to skin problems creation.

Okay, now let's see what drives me nuts about my furious skin...

As you can see, when our skins are furious,
 there are a lot of skin problems that could be caused by stress included:

  • seborrhea (scaly red skin) or dead surface cells and scars
  • dark circles under eyes
  • breakouts i.e. pimples (I dislike the most)
  • freckles, dual-color (skin has different tone color i.e. uneven skin tone)
  • comedones (blackheads and whiteheads)

The saying goes, 'Never trouble till troubles trouble you.', but what if stress becomes part and parcel of our lives?Well, it is impossible to avoid stress completely, there are approaches to handle stress better, and subsequently improve our skin problems.

That's the doubt keeps haunting me all this while...
Showing you the best solution brought by Tammy & Luxola Malaysia!

This beauty/skin solution kit differentiates itself from others by having a facial product which has recently won Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 2012 Award matching with the exquisite Emporium Candle housed in a luxurious glass topped with 24 carat gold decorations. The Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask (suitable for all skin types) consists of 15% Glycolic Acid to exfoliates dead surface cells. The Manuka Honey, Lavender and Vitamin E are also consisted in Alpha-H, the award winning face mask able to hydrate skin, providing fresh and smooth skin. From most reviews about this face mask, light tingling sensation can be felt when you apply the mask. It sounds good as it seems like can make my round face slimmer! LOL

When you look at the Luxola de-stressing kit, did you wonder of what can MOR Emporium Candle Lychee Flower help in de-stress? A brief description about the quintessences of this MOR Emporium Candle Lychee Flower is enlisted below:

The MOR Emporium Candle Lychee Flower emits a nice floral and fruity scent produced by the ingredients such as lychee flower, ripe berries, soft powdery florals and a slight hint of forest wood.

1st thing came to my mind... Anyone thinks of lighting up this candle during wedding ceremony? Let's add a touch of romance to your living space with this great MOR Emporium Candle Lychee Flower. Couples can have facial skin care together with MOR Emporium Candle Lychee Flower. So, could you resist this perfect de-stressing kit?

Next, what are the reasons boil down to my decision for joining this giveaway?

  • I wish to improve my skin problems especially dead surface cells or scars left after acne production. I am searching for a good skin solutions to remove dead skin cells, sebum, dirt that can cause any breakouts. With a healthy skin, I can boast up my self-confidence. Now Luxola Malaysia is providing a good avenue to heal with the dehydration of skin and other signs of aging, pimples and skin problems that are literally led by stress hormone cortisol.  Let's me to get rid of all the following problems with Luxola Malaysia Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask!
Succinctly stated, the smooth skin without freckles, acne and scar is what am I wishing for.
  • I hope to pamper myself during weekends or after a long walk or jogging). After the drudgery of work, I just hope that I can rest myself in a very comfortable environment. What would be better that I am like siding in the lychee flower farm?! Imagine this:  You light up the MOR Emporium Candle Lychee Flower, you can enjoy the sweet lychee flower scent while having therapy with Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask and  have manicure. Some light music would be good if you are going to enjoy this moment with MOR Emporium Candle Lychee Flower. You can opt to have massage session while putting Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask on your face and enjoy the nice scent of the candle too.
  • The combination of Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask with MOR Emporium Candle Lychee Flower is a good avenue to help me in being calm, cool and collected. A healthy skin with good rest would definitely provide me a better emotion and able to handle stress more effectively.

  • Enthusiasm, fun, health, and impressive experience with a reliable skin product is what I am searching for!
  • A more cost-saving alternative for taming my furious skin instead of paying beauty saloon or beauty therapists.
  • What's even better if Luxola de-stressing kit can be shared with the loved ones to de-stress together?! A facial skin care party could be done with this perfect de-stressing kit too! Perhaps I can give this perfect kit to my loved ones during their birthday.
The nice package itself would definitely increase marks for this product.

In short, the perfect combination of Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask and MOR Emporium Candle Lychee Flower can help me to lower down stress level within a short period i.e. 10 mins and improve my skin health. I couldn't resist my interest to try this best match of products from Luxola Malaysia

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