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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Italian foods @ Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant; Kepong

Bel Pasto, Kepong branch is opened for quite some time already, however, I had rarely paid a visit due to parents who do not fancy of Italian foods. It is rare to have authentic Italian delicacies in Kepong area, moreover this shop is owned by Italian chefs.

The Italian set meal lunch set which costs RM9.90++ is inclusive of the choices of soup, main course, drinks, and dessert. The set meal lunch set is only available from 12pm till 3pm; and they only resume operation around 5pm till late night.

This blog post included meals that I had eaten at two different times in a year. I could only recall the 2nd time dining over here which was on 14th July 2013.A simple,quiet yet cozy dining restaurant that serves good Italian foods. You might be shocked when you stepped into Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant as waitress would be greeting you aloud.

The roof with hanging with grapes and leaves made me thought of picking grapes hanging over my head. Haha...

The chefs and the staffs
I ordered espresso as I need some doze of caffeine to keep me awake.
Wild mushroom soup with generous portions of mushrooms!
Chicken Cream Soup (RM4.90+ A La Carte) with milky creamy taste which I found the taste was less flavorsome.
Chicken Lasagna which is cheesy and tasty!
Hawaiian Chicken Pizza which is the typical choice that most would make when thought of pizzas.
So, we had ordered one as well.
The sliced ham matched with tomato sauce and cheese become good combination.
Perhaps the chef shall add more slices of pineapples.
The thin crust of the pizza which made it much different compared to those we ate in Pizza Hut.

Spaghetti bolognese

I couldn't remember the name of this spaghetti.
Briefly description: Seafood pasta which is covered with fresh clams and sliced ​​olives. 
The sauce is unique as sour and spicy; adding ravenousness.
The long-awaited tiramisu which costs only RM8.90.

Tiramisu is Italian dessert consisting of layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee and brandy or liqueur with powdered chocolate and mascarpone cheese. The top layer dusted with cocoa powder. Ever wondered of the meaning of ' Tiramisu' ? It means  "pick me up" or "lift me up"). This exquisite dessert leaves a lifelong imprint on my taste buds! You would fall in love with this Tiramisu at the first bite of it.

the one with his favorite tiramisu

If I had any more room in my stomach, we might have ordered the garlic breads to match with the wild mushroom soup.I could conclude that Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant offers appetizing Italian cuisines which has good quality. If you are craving for Tiramisu, do not hesitate to try Bel Pasto's signature Tiramisu which has perfect amount of sweetness and thick!

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