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Friday, October 26, 2012

Johor Bahru Food Hunting (Part 3: Cheelicious Bakery & Cafe)

Johor Bahru Food Hunting

The subsequent destination of food-hunting was Cheelicious Bakery and Cafe. The name of the bakery and cafe had obviously declared that the signature food i.e. cheese cakes! Stepping into the cafe, I was attracted by the interior design. The chairs and tables are painted white, and the surrounding was designed like a cozy garden. Hmm..the ambiance of the cafe was like a Europe bistro.


The Cheelicious's menu itself has a long list of cheesecake choices such as greentea cheesecake, mocha cheesecake, orea cheesecake and etc. The waitress encouraged us to go to the counter side to view the actual cakes and choose at there instead of choosing based on the picture of the menu. The guys were shocked of the amount of cakes we ordered at the end.

cheese cake johor

We ordered chocolate chip cheesecake, oreo cheesecake, white and dark chocolicious, durian cheesecake, jasmine rose tea and cappuccino. It's a large set of desserts as we had just finished our luxurious Korean lunch at  Shik Gaek Korean Family Restaurant. Taming our taste buds with desserts now seemed like too early.

Haha.. anyway, we treated this as a tea-session with chats, laughter accompanied with desserts. We kidded that the oreo cheesecake was the most ugliest cake among all others, yet it turned out to be the most yummy cheesecake. The white and dark chocolicious tasted yummy as the combination of white and dark chocolate made it tasted not too sweet. Chia Pei informed that the another signature cheesecake was caramel cheesecake, but caramel sounded like very sweet.

cheese cake johor
chocolate chip cheesecake
cheese cake johor
oreo cheesecake
cheese cake johor
white and dark chocolicious 
durian cheesecake
Jasmine rose tea
with orea cheesecake and cappuccino 
Some photos before we left the cafe...

In the conclusion, Cheelicious Bakery and Cafe was really worth to be visited. The cheesecakes here are worth to be tried and definitely make you missing them after eating. However, it would be a luxurious dining over there as each slice of cakes costs around RM8.90++. 

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The next destinations: Bon Odori Event, Sutera Mall, Kota Tinggi, etc.