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Friday, October 26, 2012

Johor Bahru Food Hunting (Part 4: Bon Odori Event 2012)

Johor Bahru Food Hunting

After having high-tea at Cheelicious, we went to Bon Odori Event which was held at Jaya Jusco Tebrau.
We thought that the event may be cancelled off due to the heavy downpour. Luckily the heavy rain stopped and we had a hard time searching for parking.

The Bon Odori Event had commenced before we reached there. One word to describe the surrounding was CROWDED. We had to hold hands together for not being lost in the crowds. We went to the counter to obtain the fan and bought some coupons for purchasing things.

While passing by some stalls, we had managed to see some practices and Japanese costumes. However, I was confused if all these were Japanese or just Malaysians wearing Japanese costumes.

A large variety of foods were sold during the Bon Odori Event and most are non-Japanese foods.

me with takoyaki
Coconut shell filled with ice-cream

The Japanese drum performance and Bon Odori Dance commenced around 9.30pm.


Before going back, we managed to take a photo with a cute girl wearing Japanese costume.

Before heading back to Skudai, we had dinner around Johor Bahru. I decided to continue writing for the dinner session as the fried prawns with salted eggs; oats were too yummy. Moreover I hoped to have jotted down the whole trip itinerary as much as possible.

Sugar Cane Drink which costs RM3.50, does this worth?!

Deep fried prawns with salted eggs and oats  奶油虾婆
The rojak was just arrived at the suitable time for the hungry men and girls !:)
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The next destinations: Sutera Mall, Kota Tinggi Johor and etc.