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Thursday, October 4, 2012


The course mates had decided to have a gathering and post celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival today. Today, the sky lanterns were the main characters.We had our sky lanterns written with wishes. Most of us hoped that we could obtain good academic results for our final semester and healthy for family.


Few of us shared a sky lantern
lighting up the lantern
Lighting up the sky lantern does need skills

mid-autumn festival

sky lantern

soaring higher

It was a fun moment watching the sky lanterns soaring higher and higher in the pitch dark sky, with a hope that the wishes you wrote would be fulfilled.Nevertheless, the moment would not be memorable without a bunch of friends. It was the night full of laughter. 

We ended the night with some group photos before each headed back to have good sleep. 

The moments we had would last forever in our heart, minds and remembrance.

Last but not least, we had the best Kluang's famous Shang Hai mooncakes to accompany our Mooncakes Festival celebration. The buttery crust crumbled slightly yet the fillings (pandan or lotus paste) are smooth and not over sweet like other cake houses.  
 Are you doubted the holes of the Shanghai mooncakes from Yuen Fatt Bakery;Kluang?
The number of holes signifies the number of salted egg yolks inside.

Satisfied stomachs with wonderful moments spent together with friends :)

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