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Friday, October 26, 2012

Johor Bahru Food Hunting (Part 2: Sutera Mall)

Johor Bahru Food Hunting

After having overwhelming lunch at 食客 Shik Gaek Korean Family Restaurant, we had walked around Sutera Mall. As usual, girls had hunted for their clothes and accessories while guys focused on home appliances.

We had scrumptious treat of dessert around 2pm++ @靚豆花. Various flavours of beancurd were offered such as strawberry, almond, mango, sweetcord and durian. We had chosen the original flavor beancurd. A mouthful of soft beancurd was quickly melt in the mouth. However, some felt that the beancurd was overrated as they felt that the beancurd was mixed with pudding.

We had also bought some puffs at Maison au choux bakery shop which was opened by our friend's brother.

I preferred chocolate filling instead of their signature durian flavor filling puff.

The next stop of small treat was 小霸王Xiao Bar Wang Taiwanese Street Food which was recommended by our tour guide; Hui En. The mee sua and specialty cold noodles had been ordered. My preference was the mee sua which was served hot. The specialty cold noodle was comprised of cold noodles topping with shredded chicken, veggies and eggs.

 Mee Sua

 Specialty Cold Noodles

The next destinations: CheeliciousBon Odori Event and etc.