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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Johor Bahru Food Hunting Trip @ Jaya Jusco Tebrau,Skudai & Legoland

The food-marathon from Kota Tinggi Bak Kut Teh till Kulai was continued with hangout at Jusco Tebrau and Sutera Mall for girls' favorite activities i.e. shopping!

We had dined in Sizzling Stonegrill at night before our movies session. The interior design is like a jungle. Food was served on super-heated natural volcanic rocks in which it is a method of dry-cooking without any added fats or oils. As shown in the menu, we came to taste the difference.

Provided that the ingredients are prepared cleanly and placed gently on the hot grill, the food could be relatively healthy.

The "boss" cooked the meat for the rest of the guys.
Well, cooking the meals yourself seems to be a great gimmick to attract customers.
You can choose to have medium cooked meat or fully cooked beef.

So, this is my choice of grilled chicken skewers as I don't favor beef steak.
At first the grilled meat is soft and tender, however, the meat tends to be hard and almost overcooked.
You can opt for fried rice instead of french fries.
While waiting for the food to be cooked, let's take some photos!
The sizzling tom yam mee hoon which had been ordered by the beauties.
Well, RM8.90 for this large portion of mee hoon with large prawns is considered cheap.

Short review:  Sizzling Stonegrill is definitely not a good choice if you are in rush hours or hungry. A great dining experience as you can be chef for the particular minutes. Notably to mention about the temperature of the volcanic rock is about 400 Celsius, hence do be careful when being chef.

On the next day, we had abalone kuay teow as our breakfast at 永新鲍鱼粿条.Instead of the pork ingredients, this came with fish balls, fish cake and two slices of abalones. I was more satisfied with the side dishes.

Moonlight Cake House is our next destination before we headed to Legoland. Previously Hui En had been brought back few delightful bakeries.

My choice of garlic breads which are soft and tasty
 (well-balance of garlic and some butter taste).
Lisy Oreo if not mistaken.

The main course are offered in Moonlight cake house as well:

Creamy lasagna

Short review: One of the best cake house I had ever tried and it worth a thumb up for the good quality of food and nice ambiance.The bakery is much tastier than KL's King's, Berry's and etcetera. Nevertheless the large variety of bakery and cakes made Moonlight Cake House worth visiting. 

The final destination of our Johor Bahru Food Hunting Trip ended with a short visit to Legoland. Basically, the main purpose to go to Legoland is to have group photos. Moreover, the Johor Bahru trip is incomplete since the famous spot in Johor Bahru is the newly opened Legoland :)

The ladies.

~The End~

Short itinerary of Johor Bahru Food Hunting Trip:

Day 1: Shik Gaek Korean Family RestaurantSutera Mall (靚豆花,Maison au choux bakery shop, 小霸王Xiao Bar Wang Taiwanese Street Food); Cheelicious Bakery and CafeBon Odori Event 2012